Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 4)


Hi here is the 4th chapter for you it is a small one but the real story starts from here.
Chapter 4 – The approaching Danger

Razia’s gift has not only won the heart of the sultan but also the whole sultanate everyone was praising Razia. But their happiness was short lived Fatimah’s secret messenger informed her that the sultan of Ghazni is preparing for an attack in Dilli . Sultan Yaldoz the sultan of Ghazni always had his eyes laid on Hindustan . He was as powerful as Iltimush and was no doubt going to give a tough fight but Sultan Iltimush was also not going to give up so easily , he knew the fact and hence decided to launch a surprise attack and that too on Dilli. Fatimah did not waste a second and immediately informed sultan Iltimush.

The atmosphere of Dilli changed within seconds , now everyone was busy preparing for the upcoming battle no doubt it was going to be a tough one thus , the preparations should also be as good.
Iltimush gave Nasir the responsibility of giving the soldiers special training for the war , this time he was going to take the lead beside Yakut in the battlefield , then he turned towards Razia and said “Razia, meri bacchi, I trust you the most and hence is going to give you the responsibility. You have to reach Bhatinda as the Royal Messenger secretly and give the messege to the Subedaar(governor) of Bhatinda that we need his help.” ” But father who is the subedaar, tell me at least something about him .” asked Razia “The subedaar of Bhatinda is Malik-ikhar ud din Altunia, he’s also an ex-slave like me,he is a ferocious warrior and would be enough for that Yaldoz alone, now don’t waste a minute my child and go.” ordered Iltimush and Razia obeyed his order ,she got dressed as a royal messenger but also took a special dagger that had a mark on it , and such daggers only belonged to the royals , although dressed as messenger, she wanted the subedaar to know that she is a royal.

She packed some food ,took her sword , and jumped on her white horse and raced towards Bhatinda she knew that she has to take the forest route but had no choice, to save Dilli, she has to reach Bhatinda as soon as possible while riding on her horse that was running with a speed of thunder, Razia had only one thought in her mind,”Bhatinda, I’m coming.”
Precap- Altunia and Razia’s first meet. Nasir comes to know about Fatimah’s reality.

Credit to: Anumita

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