Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 37 Continued


Chapter 37 – Recognition As The Prince’s Wife (Continued)

Everyone was silent , they did not have any answer or argument against Iltimush’s question and action.
“I believe you all agree with me.” Iltimush said in a low voice , then turning to the ministers , who were also present there , he continued “I think as my people have no objection , then the ministers also do not have much to arue about?” he asks raising an eyebrow , the ministers backed off since they understood that there was no point of arguing. Nasir smiled at the series of events victoriously , and encircled his hand around Fatimah’s shoulder .

The Deewan-e-khas was being decorated with flowers and scented candles , the royal guests were about to arrive for the special celebration.
Razia was busy choosing her attire and jewelery , at last , she choose a maroon coloured velvet dress , paired with a cream coloured veil , “What type of jewelery shall I wear ? “ she said in confusion “No matter what , you wear , you’ll always look the most beautiful woman on the earth.” a voice came from behind which startled her , she turned around to find Altunia right behind her , he wore a golden and purple coloured attire and was looking really gorgeous “When did you come?” she asked , Altunia smiled and , looked at the jewelery sets lying on her bed , he took a grand rajputana -styled gold necklace and said “I think this , will look best on you , let me get my shezaadi ready today.” saying so , he turned her around and made her wear the necklace , Razia smiled enjoying the moment , he then took a nose-ring and made her wear that , followed by a pair of simple bangles and jhumkas (earings) , he then made her face him , he was mesmerized by her , “How do you always manage to put me on my knees before you?” he said , bending on his knees , before her , Razia smiled and stand “Really?” she asked him laughing , “You have any doubts?” he asked her back , pulling her towards him . “I think we are getting late .” she said looking at the sun that was about to set.
“I see , let’s go.” saying so , Altunia offered his hand to her that she willingly took ,before heading to the Deewan-e-Khas.

At the Deewan-e-Khas , everybody had arrived , Razia and Altunia arrived the , handin hand , thus making a public statement that they are together , they were greeted by by the guests present there , they greeted them back and went towards Nasir and Fatimah to wish them .
Finally Iltimush arrived , all the people present there greeted him with a salaam and he greeted them back , he took his seat and gestured everyone to take theirs .”You all must be curious that why did I had arranged a programme all of a sudden , well , that is because , I wanted my daughter-in-law Fatimah to be introduced to you all, the wedding was although an intimate family affair , but I wanted everyone to become the part our happiness.” he said gesturing towards Fatimah. Everybody was surprised but did not dare to speak a word against Fatimah , the princesses were too jealous to even look at her and Nasir . All they could do was to plaster a fake smile on their beautiful faces. Nasir smirked sensing their discomfort and jealousy , and looked at Fatimah who could only smile back at him.

Precap – Razia to find a dead body.

Credit to: Anumita

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