Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 36


Chapter 36 – The Lovely couple

After the wedding rituals , it was the time for celebrations , all the women and men changed their attires and joined for celebrating and blessing the newly weds.
Altunia could not take his eyes off Razia who was looking beyond beautiful in her red and blue attire. Nasir noticed this and whispered into Altunia’s ear “Altunia , will you please shut your mouth so that a fly won’t get into your mouth?” Altunia , came out of his lala land and smiled apologetically.
Nasir then drew back his attention to Fatimah who looked undoubtedly beautiful but tiered “Do you want to go and take rest in your chamber?” asked a concerned Nasir “Oh , no no ,
it’s alright , I’m enjoying the night.” she replied with a smile , to this Nasir smiled back and nodded .

After the celebrations were over , it was the turn of the newly weds weding night , when they reached Fatimah’s room Nasir broke the silence “You lookm tiered Fatimah , I hope you have a good sleep ,.” he could see the nervousness in Fatimah’s eyes , he put his hands around her shoulders and said “ I won’t take any step against your consent , but I hope that the day will soon come when you’ll start considering me something more than a friend. Good Night begum.” he said with a smile and headed to his room ‘ leaving behind a surprised , yet relieved Fatimah.

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Mirza…..so cute……nasir & Fatima lovely couple….thanks for the fast update anumita…lovely n cute episode…loved it

  2. I love nasir and fatima’s couple more than razia and mirza’s couple …..plz keep updating nasir and fatima’s scene as well

  3. yashasvi ( yashu )

    awwwwwww sooo sweet of nasir…….
    thxxx anumita fr the update

  4. Wonderful story …. Anu
    Mirza is so cute
    both couples r
    So romantic 😉
    M So excited for the next episode

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