Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 35


Chapter 35 – From A Mere Slave To The Heart Of The Prince!

Qtub and Iltimush were discussing about Nasir’s confession , Iltimush had already told Qtub about Nasir’s proposal , at first , Qtub was shocked but at the same time , she was happy , like Iltimush , even she considered Fatimah her own daughter. At the same time , even Fatimah entered the scene she greeted both of them with a proper salaam and continued “Sultan , Sultana , since I have been brought here , I had never felt the need of my parents since you both had always treated me as your own daughter , everyone here was so kind to me , Shezaadey Nasir is also a very nice person , he is always polite to everybody and respects women a lot , what else any woman need , it’ll be my honor to become a part of your family. Sultan , Sultana , I accept Shezaadey’s marriage proposal.” hearing this , Qtub raised from her seat and gave Fatimah a bone crushing hug “ Fatimah , today my happiness has no bounds , you don’t know what you have given me , finally , I found a perfect bride for Nasir. OK now , you go to Razia’s room , I’ll send maids for getting you ready for the wedding , you and Nasir will get married today only.” she said cupping Fatimah’s face. Fatimah smiled and nodded and left the room.
It was almost dawn and the wedding preparations were going on in full swing Rukknuddin was fuming since he wanted Fatimah for himself but was helpless now.
Altunia , Iqbal and Yakut were helping Nasir to get ready , on the other hand , Razia , Zehna and Shaazia were helping Fatimah to get ready.

When they were done wedding time was nearing , Razia decided to give her brother a visit, when she reached Nasir’s chamber , other men had already left and he was all alone , she smiled “Bhaijaan!” she called for him while entering his chamber , Nasir turned around and smiled broadly seeing her “ When did you come , ok , now as you have come , help me with my turban no.” he said smiling, Razia nodded and began tying the turban on his head “Bhaijaan , I had come here to give my best wishes to you since you are going to enter a completely new phase of life.” she said , after , she was done , she made Nasir stand and continued “Bhaijaan , Fatimah is a very nice person , she has a heart of gold , promise me that you will never hurt her in any way , you’ll never leave her alone and always love her , you will never do what abbu did to ammi. Promise me.” she asked desperately , at this , Nasir smiled and replied “ I know you are worried for your friend , but Razia trust me , I really love her , I love her with my heart and soul , and you need not take any such promise fro me ,as a husband and lover, it’s my duty towards Fatimah.” he assured her. Razia smiled at him and they shared a warm hug.
Soon The bride and the groom were called for the wedding rituals , at the Deewan-e-Khas , Nasir was looking devilishly handsome in his green Sherwaani , while Fatimah was looking heavenly gorgeous in her red awedding attire ,they sat at their respective places as instructed by the Kaji and the rituals were carried out successfully , and finally , they were declared husband and wife , finally , a so-called ‘SLAVE’ became the ‘BEGUM’ of the most handsome and powerful prince of the Dilli Sultante and a part of tje Qtub dynasty.

Credit to: Anumita

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