Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 34


Chapter 33 – Your Fate Is Sealed.

Hearing Nasir’s confession , Iltimush raised an eyebrow in amusement “Well my son , I have no objection.” hearing this , Nasir’s face lit up at once and a smile occupied his face “But , it’s Fatimah who has to ultimately decide , her will matters a lot to me , I can’t just impose the my decision to her.” he continued with a serious expression on his face.
Nasir gave a small salaam and said “Her will is the priority for me too abbu.”
. Iltimush just nodded a yes and left the room.
It was already evening and Fatimah had to complete a map by the next day , she was busy preparing the map and did not take notice Sultan Iltimush , who silently entered her room “Fatimah ,meri bacchi !.” he exclaimed , Fatimah turned back with a start “Sultan…I’m sorry I did not notice you…I was so engrossed with these …I’m sorry.” she said nervously . while giving him a proper salaam. Iltimush could not gather words , he did not know how to start .
“Ummm Fatimah , I need to discuss a very important matter with you.” he said in a serious voice. “Yes I’m all ears .” said a Fatimah innocently.
Razia was pacing back and forth in her chamber “I think you should sit for a while , you’ve been walking around you room since the afternoon.” said a frustrated Yakut sitting on her bed and watching her , he was well aware of Razia’s plan “How can I sit Yakut , I hope bhaijaan succeeds .” she replied nervously.
Yakut gave out a sigh , there was no use of arguing with this stubborn head.
Sorry for the short update but kuch soojh he nahi raha tha

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Wow Amazing episode…… Just waiting for Fatimah’s reply…… stubborn head…. hahaha…… Love the way you show the characters’ feelings….. And thanks for replying to my comment on the previous update…..

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