Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 34 continued

First of all sorry the last chapter was chapter 34 not 33 and this will be chapter 34(continuing).
Chapter 34 (cont..)- Your Faith is Sealed.

“Razia but if you keep on pacing back and forth like that , will your plan get successfully executed ?” Yakut asked trying to calm her down , but all his efforts were in vain , just then Nasir entered the room “Razia , I’ve successfully played my part , it’s your turn now it’s your , turn.” he said while reaching her “Great bhaijaan.’ she congratulates him , and turns to Yakut “Alright , wish me best of luck , fast , I’ve to go , abbu must have already reached there.” she said excitedly with a glim in her lovely eyes “My best wishes are always with you.” Yakut replied holding her shoulders , before Razia hurriedly left.
Iltimush had already offered his son’s proposal to Fatimah , she was beyond shocked , never in even her wildest dreams had she could imagine that a prince would choose her over so many princesses , and that too prince Nasir. She had never thought of marriage in these 18 years of her life , she actually never even wanted to fall in love , marriage was far from her thoughts , after Iltimush left , she sat on her bed , she did not know how to deny the person who had dine so many favours on her.

Just then Razia entered her room ‘Fatimah! , I know what you might be thinking , but trust me, Nasir bhaijaan loves you more than life itself , he has fallen for you Fatimah , I know you might consider it as his lust but , trust me , had it been lust , he would have offered you the position of his mistress not his first wife , his love for you is pious and innocent , please do not misunderstand him , it;s upto you , the final decision is in your hands dear.” she said placing her hand in Fatimah’s shoulder , Fatimah turned to her and tightly hugged her waist , a lone tear escaped from her eyes “How can I deny the person who had always considered me as his own daughter , how can I be so selfish , that I will hurt everyone’s feelings. I think my fate is sealed , it was my fate , I should be happy , why am I crying?” she said wiping off her tears “No Fatimah , please do not take any step considering others’ feelings , it’s your life , you have all rights to take the final decision.” Razia said as tears starts flowing from her eyes , Fatimah wiped off her tears “Why are you crying dear , I’ll go and tell Sultan my decision , now only.” she said and left the room, tears started to flow from Razia’s eyes , she sat down on the ground “What have I done , how could I be so selfish , I knew that Fatimah can never deny abbu , I did this intentionally , how could I be so selfish? I …I did not think about my friend’s feelings , all I could see was my bhaijaan’s happiness.” she said to herself in between her sobs “I’m very bad , I’m selfish.” she cursed her self “Fatimah had no feelings towards bhaijaan , I’ve even made bhaijaan’s life complicated , what if she never loves him back.” she continued to weep .

Rukknuddin enters his room ” Have you called me ammi?” he asked Turkan , she turns to face him “Yes , I had ….I have something very very important to discuss with you , as you know that , I have got the news that Sultan is planning to abandon his thrown , it’s the perfect time to play your card before anyone else takes the thrown away.” she said with greedy eyes. ” Hmm , I know ammi but…what do I have to do?” asked a confused Ruknudddin , but just when she was going to answer him , they heard a faint sound from the doors , alerted at once , she went to check behind the doors and found an innocent maid there , at once , she grabbed her by her hair “You were spying on us hmm?” she asked her in a dangerous tone “N..No malika…..I was just …I just now came.” the poor soul stammered. Turkan let her go from her grip , she gave an evil smirk and grabbed a knife from the nearby bowl of fruits and within seconds , pierced the knife through the maid’s abdomen , the poor soul did not even get a chance to scream before death engulfed her , Turkan threw away the knife “First of all , noone should know what’s in our mind.” she said narrowing her eyes.

Precap – Nasir and Fatimah’s marriage , Razia confronts Nasir.

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    1. Your welcome dear. Fatimah although doesn’t carry any feelings towards Nasir but respects him. She’ll develope feelings towards him very soon.

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