Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 33


Chapter 33 – Will Love Win ?

The sun rose , waking up Razia , she realised that she had slept in sitting position with Altunia’s head on her lap , due to sleeping in such an awkward position , she had developed a pain in the neck area “Oh ….ahh…I need Fatimah’s special medical paste , now.” she whispered to herself , suddenly , she heard Nasir’s voice calling her out “Oh no , Nasir bhaijaan , what will he think if he sees Mirza here , no no no , I need to….. Mirza , Mirza wake up , Nasir Bhaijaan is here .” she said while jerking him to wake him up ” What but why so early ?” he asked waking up at once “How am I supposed to know , you…you get up and hide under the bed.” she said pushing him down the bed “What , here, under the bed?” he asked shocked “Yes now goo .” she replied and pushed him away , having no other option left , he hid himself under the bed , Nasir entered Razia’s room just then “RAZIAA! Wish me a good luck , I’m going to execute your plan today .” he said while jumping into the bed , which caused a jerk and hit Altunia’s head , who was uncomfortably lying under the bed “These brothers of Razia …wait what plan ?” he asked himself in his mind “OK now , I must gom , you get fresh and come down to join us at the breakfast.” Nasir said with a smile before leaving the room .

After he had left , Altunia came out “What plan was he talking about?” he asked her , Razia then explained the whole situation to Altunia to which he only hmmmed he was not very much confident about the plan but choose to keep quiet.
After Altunia left , Razia decided to meet Fatimah , the pain in her neck was quiet troublesome , reaching Fatimah’s room she found her making a map , “Fatimah … I need your help, my neck it’s paining .” she said while walking in heedlessly. Fatimah turned to her and smiled ‘Ok you sit there , I’ll bring thr paste.” she replied with a smile.

While Fatimah was applying the paste , on Razia’s neck , Razia decided to test Fatimah’s feelings towards Nasir “Fatimah,,,,what do you think about Nasir bhaijaan? I mean I was just asking generally.” she asked , Fatimah paused for a moment then replied “Umm Shezadey Nasir , well to me he had always been polite and gentle , at times he behaves as a child , then suddenly a overprotective friend , and at times he’s matured beyond belief.” a smile curved unknowingly on her beautiful face while she answered Razia. Little did she know that her fate was sealed.
It was almost noon and Sultan Iltimush was relaxing a bit in his chamber when Suddenly Nasir appeared out of nowhere “Abbu , I want to discuss something to you.” he said , in a low voice “Yes of course what is it my son ?” Iltimush asked , confused “Abbu , I’ve decided what I want as my edi .” he blurt out “Umm OK , but what is it.?” Iltimush asked curiously “Abbu , I want you to give me the woman’s hand for marriage whom I love , I want you to allow meto marry the woman I love.” he replied confidently. “Well , but may I know who is the woman?” Iltimush asked , surprised “Abbu , she’s none other than your favourite spy , Fatimah!.” Nasir replied with a sigh to which Iltimush raised an eyebrow in amusement.

Precap – Iltimush to ask Fatimah about her feelings and her will for the marriage. What will be her decision?

Credit to: Anumita

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