Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 32

Chapter 32- The Thrown!

Sultan Iltimush was pacing back and forth in his room , he had called for Yakut and was waiting for him , Yakut , beside being one of the most powerful members of the court was also a far-sighted and one of the wisest member of his court.
Soon Yakut entered his chamber “Did you call me sultan?” he asked while giving a proper salaam to Iltimush “Yes Yakut , I called you for discussing a very important matter , the time has come my son to choose the right successor for the royal thrown.” Iltimush replied with a low yet authoritative voice “Hmm , but I think we must test all your sons without their knowledge that they are being tested , being a skilled warrior is not the only requirement for becoming eligible for the royal thrown , beside that , one must have far-sightedness , political as well as social skills , also the person must be just and placid.” Yakut said while looking straight unto Iltimush’s eyes.
To which , Iltimush only nodded a yes.
It was too late , but sleep could not take over Shah Turkan , she knew that Iltimush was a just Sultan , he would only choose the most deserving person for the thrown , and she must make him believe that Rukknuddin was the one , but she also knew that Qtub would be a big obstacle in her path. Her chain of thoughts was broken as soon as Ruknnudin entered the chamber , he was completely drunk , seeing his condition , Turkan became furious , she asked him in a low , dangerous tone “Where have you been?” “Who… me …I was in the harem obviously , I’m bored with my mistresses.” he replied , while struggling to stand straight “Rukknu , here I’m trying to clear your way of obstacles to the thrown and you , you are leaving no stone unturned to spoil my game.” Turkan said , with a bit louder voice, she was mad at him , seeing his condition , she understood that there’s no use of any argument and discussion , she let out a sigh before turning away from him.

Precap – Nasir to ask about his edi.

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