Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 30 (Part 2)


Chapter 30 (part 2)- An Impossible Love!

Just when Fatimah was about to leave , Nasir jumped in front of her to stop her “NO…wait I have another thing to tell you , no confess to you.” he said nervously but before he could continue , Yakut called out for Fatimah “Shezadey ,I’m sorry , I need to leave.” saying so , Fatimah left the garden , leaving behind a disappointed Nasir.
At the afternoon , after lunch , Razia decided to personally visit her Nasir bhaijaan , she was confused , she had observed Nasir’s weird behaviour even before , especially when Fatimah is around , she thus had decided to directly confront him , good for her , that Nasir was all alone at his chamber , lost in deep thoughts “Bhaijaan , so , how was the day?” she asked with a smile after clearing her throat “Nice , as always .” Nasir replied plastering a fake smile “I don’t think so , well coming to the point directly , I would like to ask you bhaijaan that what’s wrong with you , I’ve been observing you these days , do not make a laughing stock of yourself in the court , answer me please , and yes , you know I hate lies.” she asked raising an eyebrow , to this , Nasir sighed , there was no point of lying at all “I love her Razia , I relly do , I’m not playing around as always , I know , I’ve bedded many before but , my feelings for her is really strong.” he finally answered , Raiza’s beautiful face lit up at once , finally , her brother has found his soul mate “And who is this ‘she’ ? she asked him playfully “You best friend and the head of the royal spies , Fatimah , the head and the most brilliant royal spy.” he said with a sigh , all the coloured drained out of Razia’s face , “Bhaijaan , you know it is impossible ,it is an impossible love.” she exclaimed “But why , she’s even abbu and ammi’s favourite.” Nasir asked . irritated “That is because , Fatimah does not carry any special feelings for you , moreover , to the world , she’s nothing but a mere slave and the court will turn against you and might get her killed and this time , even abbujaan would not succeed in saving her , people come to know that you want her , they’ll surely conspire against her and can even get her killed , there are many princesses waiting to gain the title of your’first wife’ as you are being considered as the successor of Dilli Empire by the ministers , and surely those riyal families will conspire against Fatimah. And I am not going to risk my friend’s life.” she said coldly , with a hint of fear in her voice , Nasir’s face hung at once , it was true that he had slept with many whores before but had no feelings towards them , it was all lust , but this time , he had fallen for somebody and wanted her badly , regardless of her past and background , and this time he was in love. Razia was deep in thoughts , she was in a fix , she knew her brother loved Fatimah with his life but she also knew the danger that would lurk around once Nasir will publicly propose Fatimah , just then an idea hit her mind and her face lit up at once , “What if he announces his wedding with Fatimah after they had wedded ?” she thought .”Bhaijaan , I’ve got an idea , but you must follow my instructions.” she said turning to Nasir “I’ll do anything to win over my love .” he said desperately and so , Razia whispered her plan into Nasir’s ear and a smiled played on his handsome face.
It was almost dawn and Razia decided to take up sword practice , since she could not practice for the whole day , she was too busy , but without practicing everyday , she felt incomplete “Hhh….why am I so different from other girls of my age?” she thought while swinging her sword over her head with one hand and placing it on the palm or her other hand stretched out straight , she slid away the sword slowly , focussing on her aim and at once , swinging it around struck the watermelon (her aim) within fraction of seconds “That was nice” a deep male , yet familiar voice interrupted her , she turned around only to find Altunia with at the entrance , he had been watching her for a long time it seemed “Taqlia (privacy please)” he said waving his hand , gesturing the guards and maids to leave the room . Razia drew her eyebrows together , surprised but did not utter a word , Altunia put off his precious rings and drew out his sword “Want to practice with me?” he asked with a wicked smile , Razia at once understood his intentions , she drew her sword towards him and placed it just a few centimetres away fro his neck “Well only practice .” she said while raising an eyebrow “We’ll see .” Altunia replied with a cunning smile and swung his sword high , and their swords clashed making an X ,and this way , their sword fight continued until Razia found herself trapped underneath Altunia “Accept it , I have defeated you .” Altunia said raising an eyebrow “No , not so soon .” saying so , Razia , pushed him away and started to run away , until Altunia caught her and made her sit on his lap ” Mirza , what if somebody sees us?” Razia asked shocked by this act of hi “I do not care, Sultan has approved our relationship , we are free lovers now , even ammijaan is happy.” he said tightening his hold on Razia and started tickling her , and their laughter filled the empty hall.
Hi guys sorry I could not continue last night .
Coming to Nasir , the princes and kings then were like this , good or bad they had mistresses and needed them to please themselves almost every night , but some mistresses were lucky enough like Turkan to be also the King’s heart. Nasir respects women but in this caser in not different from others , except Altunia , Altunia is different an has his own reasons to be different. We’ll find out more about his past in the upcoming chapters.

Credit to: Anumita

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