Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 31 (Promo)

Chapter 31- A Dreadful Past (PROMO)

‘ A boy , barely of seven is running for his life in a dense forest , he is being chased by a few men on horses , he is carrying a blood-stained sword with him , he has just killed one of the men following him , somebody calls for him from behind , but he ignores him and jumps into a fast flowing river to save himself’
Altunia woke up with a gasp , this dream has been haunting him since years.
What is Altunia’s past ? Is it anyhow connected to the Royal family of Dilli?
Sorry friends , but since I was experiencing some problems with the PC , I could not update , I had even written the whole chapter but the submission got failed.

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  1. ??????? omg!!!!!!!!
    Its ok anumita…. U Can’t help if technical issues… We understand….
    But promo is awesome……… Waiting for complete chapter …..
    Thanks for the promo ?

  2. woowww!!!!!
    thxxxx fr the promo………wating fr ch-31………

  3. I wish PC jaldi se ttikh ho jae & hum sub ko tum hari imagination Jan ne mile .
    You are a fantastic writer.

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