Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 31 (Promo 2)

Teaser 2

Altunia grits his teeth with range , his eyes are red with range , he takes out his sword “YOU KILLED HIM” he says and holds up his sword high in the air

Razia sees this with tear-stained face “How could you Malik Altunia ?” she says with a mixed expression of anger and sorrow

What is the reason behind Altunia’s range , will Altunia and Razia’s love have to suffer the consequences?
” I told you , never , ever leave me ….but you left! ” Altunia says while looking up , a single tear flows down from his eyes , he suddenly , draws out his sword and starts killing the soldiers around him mercilessly “Now Face The Merciless Beast!” he growls in anger
On the other hand , Razia sits on the thrown , Ruknnudin and Shah Turkan looks disgusted “Time has never been loyal , the thrown has never been stable and you , will never be able to sit on the thrown foever” Turkan says with a smirk.

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  1. omg!!!!!! wt happened……. eager fr nxt epi dear….
    u hav a great imagination…
    keep it up…

    1. Actually this is the 2nd teaser . I’ll give a hint of the upcoming episodes.

  2. Omg….!!!!… Waiting eagerly for next episode….. Pls update asap… Thanks a lot

  3. Sorry for late comments , l am so busy because of my first year admission , i lv u & ur amazing imagination & story

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