Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 30


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Chapter 30 – An Impossible Love!

As the day rolled on , everyone got busy in their respective occupations , Altunia was busy with the preparations of the upcoming marriage so could not meet Razia even after the session . On the other hand , Yakut , Fatimah and Razia gathered in Razia’s chamber to celebrate. “Shezaadey Iqbal is finally getting married , who’s the next ? Ummm let me guess ,Shezaadi Razia.” Yakut said playfully “Malik Altunia weds Shezaadi Razia!” Fatimah added “You two , stop pulling my leg ok , wait , Yakut , I’m going to kill you.” Razia said while chasing the two ” Why only me?” asked Yakut while running around Razia’s bed. The three childhood friends thus , spent their day playing around and speaking their hearts out after a long time , the battle with Ghazni had made them stronger and more matured , but they couldn’t spend time with each other since then.
It was a great day for Fatimah , and now , it was time for wedding preparations , she , along with Yakut and Razia was busy in preparing for the upcoming wedding. Just then Nasir appeared out of nowhere ,everybody was surprised although , they greeted him , Nasir greeted them back “Fatimah ,I have something important to discuss with you , please come with me.” he said with a hint of smile on his handsome face.
As they walked through the beautiful garden of the royal palace , Nasir cleared his throat and started off “Fatimah , first of all , I’m sorry for yesterday ,I don’t know what got upon me and…you know the rest .” Fatimah nodded her head and replied ” It’s ok shezaadey , may be you were too stressed , I should leave now ,..if you allow me to.”
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