Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 3)


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Chapter 3:- No Gift Could be better!

As the day rolled on and the evening drew closer , Qtub was getting more and more nervous “Will sultan like the preparations , the food , the decors? ” asked Qtub to her mother Shamshaad {waalidah-e -sultana} “Of course dear you made everything look perfect . You cooked for the sultan yourself only , he has to like it.?’ Shamshaad assured Qtub.
“By the way ammi , where on the earth is Razia? I have not seen her since morning and now the sun is going to set , yet she is out of thr mahal(palace)?” asked a tensed Qtub to Shamshaad , but before shamshaad could answer a sweet voice came from behind “Ammi , I’m here . Why do you always worry so much Fatimah was there no .” Qtub turned around to find Razia behind her her cloths were dirty and her boots were bathed in mud “Hai Allah! (Oh My God!) where have you been child and..and..look what have you done I have to make this place cleaned again. What if you and Fatimah had lied yourself into a trouble? You didn’t even bother to take the guards with you.” said Qtub scolding her dear daughter ,

“Relax ammi calm down , I and Fatimah can take care of ourselves , we’re well trained in fighting with almost every weapon ammi.” said Razia . “Fine fine I had enough of you for today go and get ready , Sultan can be here at any moment,” she ordered Razia and Razia obeyed her and left the hall with Fatimah. Fatimah was not an ordinary slave in , in fact , she was not a slave at all ,she was the sultan’s one of the best spies having awesome war skills , she was also involved in war planning and defence planning . She was sultan’s favourite and sultan had never distinguished between Razia and Fatimah both were his daughters to him and so was for Qtub. But the fact that Fatimah is a spy was only known by Yakut , sultan and Razia.

The much awaited moment soon came , the sun had set everyone got ready Qtub wore a grand Rajputana style necklace that made her look really gorgeous , she wore a light green and peach coloured dress that fitted well with her complexion , Shamshaad wore a black coloured dress(since she is a widow) she had grown old yet looked pretty , Shazia was also looking stunning is a maroon dress that she wore. Then entered a man any princess/girl could go crazy for. He was Razia’s elder brother Nasir , he’s a man in his early 20s he’s fair , tall and masculine, he was the handsomest man of Delhi , he had a pair of glowing eyes , and had sharp features. There was no princess in the party who could take her eyes off him everyone’s eyes were glued to him except one she was not a princess but Razia’s best friend Fatimah , she was busy chatting with Yakut who was also looking really gorgeous , and serving drinks to the guests . This does not go unnoticed by Nasir “She’s so different from other girls of her age , may be that’s why she’s fathers favourite. ” Nasir said in his mind looking at Fatimah , ” She is always dressed in very simple cloths yet she looks really beautiful,may be because she has a heart of gold. ” he said to himself a pang of jealousy stoke him when he saw Fatimah chatting with Yakut ,

“But why do I care, she’s just a slave.” he said to himself and brushed off the thoughts that came to his mind and went forward to greet his mother.
Soon the sultan arrived at the Deewan -e- aam people cheered for him and greeted him he looked lovingly at Qtub and took her hand an said “This is the best decorations I’ve ever seen , thank you my love, for making this evening really special to me.” Qtub lowered her eyelids shyly , smiled and said softly “Sultan..I’m your wife and this is my duty.” the sultan smiled back and looked around, “Where is Razia?” said Iltimush with searching eyes “Abbu! I’m here , Happy birthday abbu” said Razia as she enterde the hall and hugged her father ” Razia, meri bacchi(Razia my child ) where were you?” aksed the sultan releasing Razia from his arms “I was preparing for a very special gift for you abbu .” she replied with a smile, Razia was looking really gorgeous in her magenta and blue dress , her face was covered by a magenta coloured fine cloth of net ,only her eyes were visible, her eyes were looking really beautiful she wore a beautiful diamond necklace

that made her look even more elegant. She then graciously greeted everyone present there.
After Iltimush has recieved his gifts , he turned to Razia and asked for his gift , smiling , Razia lead him to the special balcony made for the Royals’ the common people were eagerly waiting for their Sultan’s arrival , as soon as the sultan came the place roared with cheers and greetings after they had calmed down one of them shouted “Oh the mighty sultan, our ‘duaey'(best wishes) are always with you you solved many of our problems today that we’re facing,,Long live to the sul tan you are our saviour..” and all cheered the sultan again. Iltimush’s eyes turned teary , his people loved him with their heart and soul .

“Abbu , this is my gift to you I went to them today and ordered to fix some common problems that they have been facing for long in your name, in turn you got their love isn’t it the best gift for a sultan like you.”said Razia placing her hand on her father’s shoulder ,sultan iltimush turned towards his favourite daughter , tears of happiness flowed through his beautiful eyes he was overwhelmed by this action of Razia and coul only say-“Razia no gift could have been better..” saying this , he tightly hugged his daughter , tears of joy filled Razia’s eyes and she rested her head on her father’s shoulders.

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