Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 29


Hi everyone , I’m back with the 29th update , here we go.
Chapter 29 – Iltumish’s Decision !

The dark night had passed away , although Dilli Sultanate was in danger now. The sun cast it’s golden rays on the massive palace of Dilli , the court was set up , much earlier than always and the reason- Razia! . Qtub along the other royal ladies were beyond nervous , Turkan could not attend the court since mistresses were not allowed to , and for Qrub and the royal family ,except Iltimush , it was the biggest relief , they knew that Turkan was cunning enough to turn the whole court against Razia, not all the ministers were against her but they were few in number since most of the ministers were against Razia’s actions.
Razia entered the court before the sultan came along with Altunia , all eyes were on them , in silence , she they made it very clear to all of them that they are not afraid neither guilty , with pride , Razia lifted her chin and walked straight behind the curtains to sit along with the royal ladies , while Altunia sat along with the nawaabs and governors , Iqbal and Nasir also arrived , praying for their sister , they feared for Razia.

Soon Sultan Iltimush entered the darbaar , his face was cold , calm and composed as always , he was here, neither a husband , nor a father , but only a Sultan , the Sultan of Dilli Sultanate. And the session started
Minister 1 (raising from his seat)- Sultan! Shezaadi Razia has not only put the royal family in shame but has also embarrassed the royal court , this kind of action is n ot expected from a lady , what will the young girls of out sultanate learn , thus she needs to be punished.

Minister 2- Sultan! I agree with my friend , such a shameless and bold step by a lady! No sultan , this is no less than a crime , Shezaadi Razia must be punished.
said the 2nd minister as his face twisted with hatred. The court filled with pleads to punish Razia , Altunia’s hands turned into fists , but just as he was going to raise from his seat and put forward his views , all of a sudden , a person raised fro his seat and said aloud “Please calm down , everyone has the right to put forward his her views and desires , Sultan , with your permission I would like to call Shezaadi Razia to put forward her views and explain herself.” the person was none other than Yakut , Razia and Fatimah’s best friend and the general- in -chief , of course he was one of the few most influential people of the royal court and the ministers dared not go against him , thus, remained calm , he was although on Razia’s side but had to behave as a member of court not a childhood friend , desperate to save his friend from any punishment she never deserved. Iltimush nodded his head as a yes and called upon Razia , Razia came out of the curtains , in front of everyone , stood straight before the sultan , her eyes glittered with confidence , she gave a small salam to the sultan , ” Sultan , I Shezaadi Razia , do not feel that have done anything wrong , I would like to ask the ministers present in this court , how many of them asked for their wife’s hand for marriage to her parents , what they did has been praised and is considered a trait of ‘men’ but when I did the same thing , they consider it ‘SHAMELESSNESS’ why? Because I am a ‘woman’?” she said with a hint of pride and anger in her voice “Yes , shezaadi , yes you are and women are , considered halves and men , are fulls of the society , women are inferiors and a women can her raise her voice in public in front of the Sultan” said a minister , raising from his seat with anger.

“What proof do you have? Do you see half of me , who said this?For the almighty , we all are equal , if our blood is of the same colour , if women and men come to the earth from the same place and leave the world in the same soil , then how come we women become inferior? ” Razia snapped back at him . To this , Iltimush raised his hand , guesturing everybody to stop at once “I f women are inferiors , then the men thay give birth must also be inferiors , how come we call ourselves superior? Shezaadi Razia , I was just weaiting for your answer , I have no objection towards your love for Malik-Ikhtiar-uddin Altunia , I also announce that from now , all the women along with men are free to express their views and desires in public and there shall be no punishment for that. The court is dismissed.” saying so , Iltimush raised from his thrown and with a smile , walked out , leaving behind a bunch of narrow-minded , startled , angry , yet helpless ministers.

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Precap – Nasir confesses his love to Fatimah.

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