Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 28


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Now , for you all , here’s the 28th update
Chapter 28 – The Night That Was So Long

Iltimush took Fatimah to his room , he closed the doors and made her sit on his bed , “Fatimah dear! I had never distinguished between you and Razia , but still , I could not ask you to ask for an Edi in public , we cannot reveal your true identity and you know that dear , being a spy is also life-threatening.” Iltimush said with a sigh , he continued “But , you may ask for anything now , an Edi from me is your right , you are also my daughter.” he completed , tears of joy swelled in Fatimah’s almond eyes , she smiled faintly and replied . ” Sultan , I never felt that I am not your biological child , although I am not even your any relative , yet I’ve always placed you in my father’s place , I don’t remember my parents’ faces , but I can tell you for sure that they would have loved me the same way you and Sultana do. You rescued me when I was a five year old helpless child trapped in a hut that had caught fire , I don’t know whether my parents could survive or not because no one could get even a trace of them. Sultan , I don’t need any Edi , because I crave for nothing , neither I have any desire.” she said with a sense of love and respect she carried for the royal family , “Then , my dear ,”I give you this , my Dagger that once Sultan Qtubuddin Aibak gave me , satisfied and impressed by me , I was his pride , and so you are mine.” Iltimush said while placing the precious dagger in the deserving hands of Fatimah. Fatimah bowed gave a small salaam and left the room as she had to meet Razia.

Qtub was pacing back and forth in her chamber “How could I miss that , why on this earth could not I guess the reason for her arrival in Dilli , that witch’s eyes are on the royal thrown , no way , I can never let the thrown go into wrong hands, I need to splve this as soon as possible but before that , I need to deal with Ammijaan before her warth lay upon Razia and Altunia .” she said to herself , she knew very well that her mother was mad at Razia and Altunia and Razia might have to suffer , she had to stop her first before things turn worse and Shah Turkan gets an opportunity to ruin them . Thinking so , she dashed out of her room toward’s Razia’s chamber.

Altunia and Razia’s beautiful moment was interrupted by a loud bang on the door , the doors of Razia’s room crashed open and Shamshaad entered her room “Nanijaan?” Razia whispered while breaking the hug , she was well aware of Shamshaad’s wrath but did not want her Mirza to suffer . On the other hand , Altunia’s face was cold and calm as if he was expecting the exact reaction , Razia approached towards her grandmother , on reaching her , she opened her mouth to explain herself to Shamshaad but before she could ,Shamshaad raised her hand and and slapped Razia across her face ,tears of helplessness flowed through Razia’s eyes “Shame on you , you have brought us shame and nothing else , today ,I feel ashamed to call you my granddaughter , you have crossed all your limits and do you even realise that you have lied yourself in a deep trouble , if the court turns against you , then they might send you to exile for at least six years.”she said , trembling with range, Altunia’s eyes widened with horror, he did not expect such a punishment “Is it fair to treat women like that , it is not , then why do they , women are not inferiors , the court will turn against Razia just because she openly asked for what is hers and what she deserves.” Altunia said angrily. “Let Sultan decide your fate , I am afraid Razia dear , I fear for you ,by crossing your lomits as a woman , you might lay yourself into a trouble.” Shamshaad said , softening a bit , before she left the room leaving behind the couple confused and nervous , as an assurance , Altunia squeezed Razia’s hands , to assure her that he will be there for and with her till his last breath at every season of life.

Well , the night was long indeed , but in the 29th update , definitely the sun will rise and morning will come spreading new hopes in everyone’s life.
The race is about to begin , the game has begin, this deadly game is for the thrown , history will repeat itself and the thrown would again turn blood-stained.

Credit to: Anumita

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