Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 267


Hi friends , I’m back with the 27th update.I hope you guys enjoy.
Chapter 27- She’s back!

Qtub was pacing to and fro in her room , this Eid was probably the worst for her , first Razia’s confession , now Shah Turkan’s arrival , and that to with her son , it was surely going to turn worse. “No Qtub , you need to find out what’s in her mind.” she whispered to herself and rushed to the royal kitchen , there , she took a bowl of porridge and went into Iltimush’s room , she knew Turkan and Ruknuddin were there . Reaching there , she plastered a fake smile on her lovely face, seeing her , Itimush smiled back at her “Eh…sultan , here I’ve brought some porridge for Turkan and Ruknnuddin.” she said with a smile “Oh…that’s nice …ummm I was about to leave , it’s good that you came, I’ve some important work to finish , why don’t you give your company to Turkan?” Iltimush asked , Qtub nodded a yes as a reply before he left.
Turkan was stunned at Qtub’s behaviour , yet she was clever enough to hide her surprised expression with a beautiful smile. Ruknuddin excused himself , since he wanted to take a stroll at the Royal garden and left the room.
“So …Turkan , how was your journey , I hope you did not have a tiresome one.” Qtub asked with a piercing look on her face . “What’s the need of pretending ?The sultan isn’t here.” Turkan snapped at her , to which Qtub raised her eyebrows in amusement and replied “Oh , so you got me , that’s exactly what am I asking you . Stop pretending and tell me why are you here ?” her expression changed , her face clearly showed anger . To this reaction of hers , Turkan gave a humourless laugh , she came closer to her and whispered in her ear “The THROWN.” Qtub’s eyes bulged in horror , the royal thrown was under threat , how couldn’t she guess this earlier.
As Rukuddin was walking through a long and broad passage , the guards were leaning down in respect , he smiled a bit and continued walking , crossing the passage , he came near a huge balcony at the end of the passage , there were no guards there , but there was someone , he went nearer for a clearer view .
His jaws dropped seeing the person , he had never seen such a beautiful woman , she appeared to be a slave although but her beauty was undeniable , “This woman does not deserve to be a slave , she’s ought to be mine , may be head of my mistresses or even wife.” he said to himself with a smirk, he took a step forward , just when he was going to take another step , he was interrupted by an aggressive voice “Don’t you dare , another step forward and I’ll forget that we even share any relation.” it was none other than Nasir , he was fuming with anger , he gritted his teeth and was about to proceed further when he heard Iltimush call the woman , the woman was none other than Fatimah , she did not notice Nasir and Ruknnudin since the were a distance away and went to the Sultan.
After she was gone , Nasir continued “Stay away from her.” “Bhaijaan what’s wrong in it , she’s a slave ofcourse and by making her mine , I would be only upgrading her position .” Ruknuddin said with an evil smile. Nasir came near him and said in a low yet aggressive voice “Don;t….You…..Dare.” saying this , he left leaving behind a startled Ruknuddin.
On reaching his room , Nasir closed the doors behind him and sat on his bed “Fool , that’s what you are , you love her , that’s why you get jealous on seeing her with any other man , that’s why you want her to be with you all day , and you failed to realise it even them when that Afzal called her a whore.?” he said to himself , a wide smile spread on his handsome face.”Tomorrow , I will confess my love to you Fatimah , I will and make sure that no one even dares to lay his eyes on you.” he said to himself before putting himself into a deep slumber.
Finally , Nasir realise ,

Credit to: Anumita

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