Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 26


Hi everyone, here’s the 26th update for you all.
Chapter 26 – The Heart Of The Sultan.

The night had rolled deep , the moon peeped through the clouds , Qtub and Sultan Itimush were in Iltimush’s room , discussing about Razia’s desire.
“Sultan , I know you love Razia a lot and have always given her freedom and liberty , but some barriers can never be broken , and if someone does , he or she ought to be punished. Why are you silent , do you even realise what consequences…” before Qtub could finish , a royal messenger came and informed them of SHAH TURKAN and RUKNUDDIN’s arrival ,Iltimush’s face lit up immediately , he ordered the servants to make arrangements to welcome them and their stay , he left the room in hurry , tears swelled in Qtub’s beautiful eyes , but she restricted them from flowing away , clenching her fists , she rushed into her room.
Itimush welcomed Shah turkan and Ruknnuddin with love , he hugged them both and led them to his room.
Altunia closed the doors gently, Razia raised from the couch and rushed to him , just when she was about to hug him , he gestured her to stop at her track at once with his hand. This surprised her but she decided to remain calm as ever. “May I know Shezaadi the reason behind such a bold step of yours?” he asked with a hint of anger in his voice , Razia , stepped closer and replied “Love , the love that can withstand all , the love that is the reason of our existence , the love that bounded us together , that love.” she said with teary eyes. Altunia grabbed her by her shoulders and said “Razia , I fear for you , the court may turn against you…and punish you.” “I did not love you for the world , then why should I fear the world.?” she asked immediately . Altunia stared into her eyes for a minute and then took her hand, placed it on his chest,where she could feel his heart and said in a deep serious voice “Taking our pious love and the fire in our hearts as the witness I accept you as the queen of ny heart and promise you that I wil soon make you queen of Bhatinda, from now on , we are one and no one can ever take your palace in my heart nor in Bhatinda.” saying so he took her in an embrace which turned into a bone crushing hug. They were soulmates and they had realised it.
Precap – Ruknuddin’s eyes lay on Fatimah , but he’s warned by Nasir.

Credit to: Anumita

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