Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 25


Chapter 25 – When Love Withstands All!

Everyone in the hall gasped in surprise , or rather, shock when Razia unhesitatingly put forward her desire and wishes , something very rare in case of a woman in those days . Iltimush’s face had an unreadable expression , he remained silent. All of a sudden ,one of his ministers raised from his seat and said aloud “Shezaadi Razia,do you even realize what have you done, and do you have any idea of the consequences of this action of yours? You might get severely punished.” anger was very much clear in his voice , Altunia frowned a little , and gave him an intense glare, but soon ,shifted his attention back to Razia. As a reply, Razia lowered her eyes and said in a calm, low yet audible voice ” Tell me on whose sword should I lay my head , if loving someone is a crime, punish me then! (Kiske talwaar pe sar rakhoon yeh batado mujhai , ishq karna agar khata hai toh saza mujhai) O the creators of history, if I am so wrong, finish me then! (Aey itehaas likhnay waalon , agar main hoon harf-e- ghalat , toh phir mitado mujhai.).” saying so , she raised her eyes and looked straight into Iltimush’s eyes, her eyes glittered with pride and confidence, she was least bothered about the ‘world’ . At this statement of hers , people present in the hall started whispering and gossiping about the turn of events. Iltimush raised his hand , gesturing them to stop , Altunia was amused “This woman!” he said to himself in his mind.
“Shezaadi Razia! We shall discuss about this later, in privacy.” said Iltimush in a low yet authoritative voice .
Razia nodded , gave him a small salaam, and left the hall , without looking into any other direction. Qtub was upset with Razia , she did not expect this from her dear daughter, to her , it was no less than a bold step of shamelessness , she lowered her face and watched Razia go away , on the other hand , Shamshaad was mad at her granddaughter.
Razia laid herself comfortably on her king sized bed , laying on her stomach , her head resting on her right hand’s elbow , she was thinking of her abbu’s reaction , on the other hand , Fatimah was pacing back and forth constantly blabbering about Razia’s bold step ” Shezaadi , what did you do , I sultan refuses , then?” asked a tensed Fatimah , just then the doors of the room opened with a bang , that startled Razia and Fatimah , it was none other than Altunia , he looked at Fatimah and said “I want to have a word with Razia, alone …please.” , Fatimah nodded and left the room.
Nasir was pacing back and forth in his room , while Iqbal was sitting on the couch , he did not know how to react , he needed an answer , on one hand he knew Malik Altunia was a perfect man for his sister, while on the other hand , he had already witnessed a dark side of Altunia , in the battle field , once he looses his temper, he has no command on his actions.
Suddenly a thought stroke him , Fatimah was Razia’s best friend and was wise enough , he needed to find her , thinking so , he dashed out of the room , leaving behind a confused Iqbal.
Sorry for this late update guys, and forgive me if there are any typos.
Precap – Entry of Shah turkan and Ruknuddin ,whose eyes will lay on Fatimah. Nasir will confess his feelings for Fatimah .

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Hey nice episode, I m so excited to know Altunia s reaction & I hate Shah Turkan , n as usual I will be waiting for next update;-)

  2. & u know wt , I m so interested in Razia sultan s history n I keep searching about her ,that wt happened to her in the end ?? n all , n muje ab tak itana he pata chla hai that she had her rule in Delhi saltanat for 3 years ,6months ,n may b 6 or 7 days .
    And then she had a war with his step bro Moiz udin , but may b moiz khud nai aaya tha us ne apni sena bheji thi & Razia n Altunia jab unse flight ker rahe the tab uni ki sena unhe chod k bhag gai thi , n then WO kaithal k forest se ho ker bhag rahe the tab Altunia ko tir lag gaya & then he had his last breaths , & Razia was setting round him , she was crying for him n tabhi kisi ne razia ki taraf tir chalayaa n WO us k chest me lag but still she managed to ran away from there & after a long journey , wo 2-3 din se bhuki pyasi thi , then us ne aek farmer se help li us farmers ne use thodi si rotti & pani dia , but jab razia so rahi tab us k dress k ander us ki jewelry’s dikh rahi thi n WO us farmer ne dekhli ,us ne WO jewelry nekali n then he came to that she is a girl and he killed her and buried her in his farm . After some time jab WO un jewelry ko sell ker ne black market me gayaa tho log un jewelry ko pehchan gae ki WO razia ki hai , WO logo ne use Mara , razia ka ka pata lagaya n us ki body ko waha se baher nikala n sub religious chize ki use k queen ki tarah sajaya n wapas wahi dafna dia , but no one know ki razia ki un 3 grave me se actual grave kon
    si hai ???? 🙁
    I thought u are interested to know about her so I shared all what I know 🙂

  3. hiiii nice episode…… nidhi di even i am soooooo mch interested in razia… i always search fr her… ya!!!!! n it is also written that mirza n razia were childhood lovers bt in some it is said that razia luved yakut…… i dnt know wt is truth as there is no such written document that is totally true abt alzia…….

  4. Well I believe that Razia always loved Altunia not Yakut

  5. Well even I am confused , the love triangle b/w yakut-razia-altunia has always been something historians were unsure of , some say Altunia-Razia , were lovers and Altunja misunderstood Razia and Yakut’s relationship , while some claim that Razia-Yakut were lovers but Altunia too loved Razia. But one thing is for sure , Yakut got killed by Altunia and he had forcefully married Razia. So my ff will proceed as per the main track , quiet close to the serial Razia Sultan. Hope you guys are enjoying.??

  6. Hey pls update next episode asap…. I m very big fan of razia n mirza… After that serial went off air…. Today i was reading update of serial than i saw ur ff… Its damn good n interesting…all chapters i read today itself.. . Pls write more mirza n razia scenes.. Thanks for the ff?

  7. so nice

  8. Same incident happened with me too even I was searching about razia sultan s series & then I came to know about the telly updates & I read it all in one night, n it was good n beautiful , n from that night I always keep checking for the next update 🙂

  9. Same here nidhi.. Yesterday night i was awake till 1:30 was reading this ff….
    Awesome episodes… Pls post next episode asap.. i m eagerly waiting..

  10. Anumita rocking ff yaar… U should go till atleast 100 chapters….or never ending.. ? N ya in serial alzia scenes were very less… they romanced only in dreams.. ..pls in this ff show their love story part for long?..
    I m waiting to see altunia’s reaction..

  11. Even i believe that razia never loved yakut… Razia n altunia rock….ghajni tak ka journey shown in serial is superb n memorable… Razia is mohtarma of mirza…..razia sultan will always be my fav so… N even i loved this ff …. Thanks a lot anumita…i rarely watch serials.. But this show i have seen complete.. Never missed a single episode.. I started watching regularly one week after show started.. But from online website i managed to see previous episodes… Star cast of show was amazing….i searched for biography of razia.. Even i m very much interested in history of razia… N her love story..

    1. Thank you so much pooja , I’ll try to update as soon as possible , till then you can check on the promo of episode 26 I had updated.

  12. Okk.. I saw promo… So even waiting for that scene.. Rukundin vs nasir.. I just hate him and his mom..
    Try to update chapter soon… I m waiting.. ?

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