Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 23


I’m so sorry, actually the last chapter was 22 not 21,I apologise for my mistake, but I’m really expecting everyone to comment, so please do comment. Here’s the 23rd chapter, and sorry for any mistake(s)
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Chapter 23- He arrives at last!

Not everyone were happy that Razia’s suggestion had been accepted, beside waleda-e-sultana, Shamshaad begum, many narrow minded ministers were ,for them , women must always have their heads bowed and put themselves behind the curtains.
That night, Shamshaad begum went to see the Sultan, in reality, she wanted to warn him about Razia’s actions , she was an orthodox woman, for whom ,women were inferiors while men were superiors , although she herself was a woman, a royal woman.

“Sultan, may I come in?” she asked while knocking the opened doors of Iltimush’s room , the sultan turned around, he wasn’t expecting her at late night, but if it’s her, then it might be something really important, he thought and threw a smile to her and asked her to come in ” Is everything all right ammijaan, I mean it’s quiet late,isn’t it?” he asked looking at her with questioning eyes ” I came here to discuss with you about your beloved Razia and my untameable granddaughter.” she sighed and said. To this , Iltimush grew even more confused ” AAH! My daughter, she has made me proud today she..” Iltimush was about to complete his words when he was interrupted by Shamahaad ” She’s a girl after all and her fate is to get married to a powerful sultan and serve him not to interfere in political affairs, speak up ,suggest the sultan in front of everyone, come out of curtains and lit up her chin and talk at public, in front of so many men, I’m warning you sultan, this untameable girl of our, will surely bring a big trouble one day.” She snapped at him . ” She might be very different from other girls of her age, she’s different and I recognised her talents when she was merely 10 and thus, trained her in warship,and if she brings anything to us, then it shall only be happiness and pride.” he said while narrowing his eyes, to this statement of his, Shamshaad was left stunned , she understood that there’s no use of saying further , and thus left the room with fury.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————The sun had not raised yet, but Razia had already dressed up herself, she stood at the balcony of her room and gazed at the reddish-orange sky,as the sun rose, the golden rays washed her angelic face , she closed her eyes and Altunia’s image flashed before her eyes , he was to arrive in Dilli on that morning , but her moment was disturbed by a maid who informed her that Altunia with his family had already arrived, hearing this, Razia rushed towards the palace entrance to welcome them, fortunately , she was not late ,she stood there with a smile on her face to welcome the Bhatinda royals,they soon came , Altunia was glad to find her there for him,but to his surprise, she avoided any eye contact with him,even when they sat to have their breakfast, the families were happy to find each other’s company after a long time, while love was slowly blossoming between Iqbal and Zehna. On the other hand, Razia was finding it hard to prevent herself from blushing, she could feel Altunia’s intense gaze at her.
After the breakfast was over , the families moved towards the Deewan-e-khas, Razia excused herself and went to her room ,but she was surprised to find Altunia already present there, waiting for her , she frowned and the words fell from her lips by their own “Mirza?” Altunia turned to her , he raised his eyebrows and asked ” Why, can’t I come to your room, well ,I thought, since you have decided to ignore and irritate me, so I myself must come to you.” he smirked mischievously , Razia smiled at him an idea came to her, she turned her back towards him and said ” Well, I don’t wish to see the subedaar now, you may go.” she smiled,while her back to Altunia ” No, I won’t go from here,I want to spend some time with the shezaadi.” he said with a serious voice , ” Alright, I’ll go.” saying so Razia was about to exit her room when Altunia snatched her arm arm , and made her face him , he slammed her against his chest and whispered in her ears ” Well well well , no more games with me, let’s go to the garden,I’ve already made sure that no one’s there to disturb us.” at this, Razia smiled and blushed and nodded a yes, Altunia then led her to the royal garden.
Nasir narrowed his eyes when he saw Fatimah and Yakut together, helping out each other for the arrangements for the occasion of Eid, his hands turned into fists, ” Sometime ago, I called for her, but now she’s helping and chatting with him.” he muttered , out of range, he marched toward them , seeing Nasir, Yakut and Fatimah gave him a salaam , reaching to them he turned to Fatimah and said ” I would like to have a word with you, alone!.” before Fatimah could react, he dragged her out of the hall and brought her in his room, leaving Fatimah confused ” Shezaadey Nasir, did I do anything wrong?” she asked him nervously , Nasir glared at her with anger

Nasir- Why didn’t you come when I called for you?
Fatimah- Umm…. because I had to help Yakut.
Nasir- Yakut, well well well, for was this the reason Fatimah? Tell me why do you always have to give him so much importance who’s he to you huh?
Fatimah- Shezaadey, you are misunderstanding our relation , he’s my friend, we, shezaadi Razia, me and Yakut are best friends and by the way, why do you have to care, who am I to you, why do you always interfere in my private affairs , and who are you to tell me whom to meet or not, you almost killed Afzal that day , first be clear to yourself shezaadey , then ask me.

With these words Fatimah left the room in anger , Nasir sat on his bed ” She’s right, I am not clear to myself only why she affects me so much, No Nasir you must get your answers as soon as possible.” he said to himself.
So how was it, please I have one humble request, do not mis understand shamahaad, it’s not her fault, she has been brought up and treated like that all her life, it isn’t her fault and at the end of the day , she loves Razia a lot.

Precap – At the occasion of Eid, Iltimush asks Razia to ask for anything she wants, to this Razia smiles a bit and asks ” Are you sure? Will you give me anything I ask for?”
Meanwhile, Nasir finally realises his feelings for Fatimah and confesses them to her , what will be Fatimah’s answer?

Credit to: Anumita

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  5. tejashree chavan

    These chapters are totally different from the story shown on &TVs show Razia Sultan ,I am so confused which one is real ?????

    1. Well my friend,it’s a fanfiction, it’s bound to be different then no? Moreover, this is a historical fiction, so there will be some imaginary plots , except the main events like,Razia chosen as the successor, Altunia’s misunderstandings,and all. I hope you all like my story

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