Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 21


Hi everyone, I finally had some time to update my ff. I know there were many typos in my previous chapter,,but I couldn’t help it,i was feeling dead tired .
Here’s the 21st chapter.

Chapter 21- The Bengal Battle

Nasir’s eyes examined the huge troop of Mohemmed Afzal, the battle was to begin,he turned to Fatimah who was on her jet black,shiny horse beside him ” Is everyone ready?” he asked her with a deep voice, Fatimah nodded a yes as a reply, Nasir jumped on his horse,narrowed his eyes,Afzal seemed to be well prepared to him, he raised his hand on air and cried out ” HAMLAAA” with this comand,he rode towards Afzal’s army with a lightening speed carrying a sword in one of his hand, beside him, rode Fatimah, with her sword and they were followed by a troop of 600 soldiers both , on foot and on horse.

The battle was a brutal one, Nasir attained an injury during the battle but seemed to be least affected , all he wanted was Afzal, alive! He swong his sword high and slayed the warrior about to attack him in one blow, The battle continued for three days and finally , on the third day of the battle, Afzal was finally capture and Bengal returned to Iltimush’s hands.
Mohmmed Afzal was a cunning governor , but he knew that this time, he had no escape,he was like most of the men of that time for whom, women were nothing but a mere inferior species meant for pleasure and pleasing the men. He was surprised to find a woman in the war, but could not see her face since it was half covered with a cloth. He was chained and brought in front of Nasir as a prisoner ” You know very well the fate of a back stabber of the Sultan, yet you did this, thousands of men died because of you,the people does not seem to be pleased under your rule.” Nasir said with a low voice wanting an answer

” Shezaadey Nasir,worry not for me, I’ll accept my fate,I do not regret ,well but please answer me why on the earth did you bring a woman in the battlefield?” Afzal asked turning to Fatimah who stood behind Nasir ” This whore , does she please every warrior,,hahaha.” he said while giving an ugly laugh, Fatimah’s hands turned into fists , but before she could react, Nasir gave a hard blow to Afzal that threw him on the ground he took out his sword and put it on Afzal’s neck ” If abbu had not instructed me to bring you alive,I this would surely had become your end you creep.” said an angry Nasir before he drew back his sword and marched out of the room in anger.
Royal Palace , Dilli

It has been two days since Razia returned but she was eagerly waiting for a letter from Bhatinda about the confirmation of Iqbal’s marriage, the confirmation letter did arrive, the Sultan had sent the message that they were returning on Eid with Altunia and his family to Dilli , this time, he would be celebrating Eid in Dilli with his and Altunia’s family. Reading the letter,Razia almost jumped with happiness, first time in 18 years, her abbu was going to celebrate Eid with them.

Royal Palace ,Lahore-
The light breeze caressed Shah Turkan’s beautiful face as she walked passed the royal garden , she had received Sultan’s letter , she was furious at first but slowly, a wicked smile curved on her face “Is Sultan can’t come ,the…..I must go to him.” she said to herself rolling her curls with her fingers, “Go and prepare for my journey, it’s a long way.” she ordered her maids .

Precap- Nasir and Fatimah return from Bengal with Afzal, on the other hand Sultan Iltimush return to Dilli on the same day, just a day before Eid before Eid. What is going to be Afzal’s fate,who will decide his punishment?

Credit to: Anumita

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