Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 2)


Sorry my friends I forgot to mention about Rukn ud din and shah turkan

Rukn ud din- The evil step brother of Razia and son of Shaha turkan who eyes the throne . He is a dumb and cruel man and is as old as Razia (18) { guys Razia is going to rule longer in my ff}

Sha turkan- She is the queen if iltumish’s heart and is his mistress living in Lahore with Rukn she is an evil and dangerously witty woman .
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Chapter 2- The Best Birthday Gift Ever!

The sun had raised hours ago , far away from the royal palace somewhere in a green grassy land,2 horses were running trying to keep pace with each other one was a white horse , beautiful and of good health the other was a shiny black horse of good health two girls were racing on their respective horses the black horse belonged to Fatimah, Razia’s best friend she was dressed in simple palazoos and long top made up of cotton and had some simple design on her top her long hair was tied by a ribbon although she had very ordinary clothing , she was really very beautiful she had rose pink lips, she was very fair and her cheeks were pink ,her eyes were deep brown in colour and had beautiful eyelashes.

The girl on the white horse was no doubt Razia her face was covered with a red net cloth that was extending from her yellow and red turban of pure silk , she was slim tall and exceptionally fair , her eyes were big and beautiful , she had a tall neck,perched upward that made her look really elegant she was wearing long leather boots (quiet different from those we see today) her appearance was quiet like a royal messenger . Razia turned towards Fatimah , strong winds were blowing , the red cloth from Razia’s beautiful face slipped down to her neck Razia was beautiful beyond belief , she had sharp features , her nose was a sharp one , her lips were cherry coloured,her cheeks were pink since she was as fair as Fatimah.

“What gift are you going to give this time to sultan princess? I haven’t seen you preparing any thing since this morning ,you only went and talked to the ordinary people, what’s in your mind? Tell me na” Fatimah asked with a questioning glance “Don’t worry my friend, I have done what I wanted to do , things are going as per my plan.” replied Razia with a smile on her beautiful face, her smile was like sun rays dancing on a flowing river so beautiful.

Royal Palace-

Qtub begam was really excited , she was running here and there to make each and everything perfect and why shouldn’t she, it’s her sultan’s birthday , “Uff ammi jaan (mother) calm down na everything is as per your wish , the curtains the feast the desert the light , everything and all these are abbu’s favourite .” said Shazia trying to calm down her beautiful mother Qtub. Qtub is sultan Iltimush main queen she is a fair woman with beautiful eyes and sharp features her lips were red , she was a tall woman with dignity. “How can I calm down , I want to make his birthday really a memorable one.” she said as if irritated to shazia. Shazia was on the other hand a dark beauty , tall of medium complexion and had sharp features. “I want to give the best birthday gift ever to the sultan.” said Qtub , “But ammi it’s not possible , because it’s Razia who will be giving the best birthday gift to the sultan as every year.” said Shazia and they started laughing. ” Really , Sultan will notice no other gifts once he get’s Razia’s gift , she is his heart , he loves her the most after his people.” said Qtub while laughing.

PRECAP:- Razia’s gift to the sultan.

Credit to: Anumita

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