Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 19)


Hi everyone,here’s the 19th chapter for you all.
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Chapter 19- I am Afraid To Fall In Love !

Altunia was pacing back and forth in his room,he was confused,heartbroken and at the same time frustrated because he knew that the princess loved him too. He could not think of any reason behind her denial thus,he decided to ask her straight away. He rushed to Razia’s room,finding the door closed he knocked at the doors “Shezaadi….shezaadi please open the door , we need to talk please listen to me once.” Altunia said with a requesting voice although anger had already occupied his mind but he decided to stay calm,he was angry because he knew she loved him too,but was lying “No Mirza…please leave me alone,pleas go away.” Razia yelled back at him from her room,her eyes were filled with tears,she felt helpless . Now Altunia could not hold back is anger ” RAZIA! I said open the door,I hope you don’t want it to be broken!.” he yelled aggressively banging the door ,he was really angry..

.a single tear of frustration ” Razia,are you opening the door or not?” he asked with a stern and cold voice ,he was about to bang on the door again but Razia opened the door which made him to stop. “How dare you? Malik Altunia,you have no right on me you are Bhatinda’s subedaar not mine,how dare you speak to me like this.?” asked an angry Razia . Altunia noticed the traces of tears on her angelic face,he softened a bit “Did I hurt you in any way? I…I..did not mean to do so!” he said with a polite voice . Razia immediately turned away and marched back to her room but was followed by Altunia , he grabbed her hand and made her turn to him

Altunia- Razia,please listen to me at least once. Please tell me what is stopping you from accepting your feelings for me.

Razia-No Mirza,it was a mistake…I don’t love you .

Altunia- Don’t lie to me,my eyes can never be wrong….I know you love me as much as I love you but something is stopping you . Tell me the reason Razia,we will face the obstacles together .
Altunia said while grabbing Razia by her shoulders.

Razia- No Mirza your eyes….

Altunia- My eyes have not mistaken…..tell me dear what is it?

Tears of helplessness flowed down from Razia’s almond eyes,she knew that she has no other option left,Mirza was far clever than her and his eyes…too keen. She tured around…after a short pause, she said” Because I am afraid to fall in love Mirza.” Altunia was stunned at her statement ” And the reason is Abbujaan himself. My mother is not only a dotting mother but a devoted wife,but what she got was loneliness and longing for her husband to return to her. Although my mother is Malika-e-Hind and the prime wife of the sultan but my abbu he has never given her the amount of love and affection that she deserves. My abbu has only loved his beloved mistress Shah -Turkan, he had not celebrated Eid with us since last 18 years,because he always goes to Lahore to celebrate Eid with her. She is an evil woman who had created rift between abbu and ammi the very first year of her arrival in abbu’s life,they have a son,Rukn ud Din as evil and cruel as her mother. Now tell me Mirza,after seeing all these things,since my childhood,how can I say that the man I’ll fall for will never leave me alone,my fate won’t be like my ammi?” Razia said as tears fell from her eyes.

Altunia was speechless,he could not understand how to make her believe that he won’t hurt ,ever. “Razia,you are absolutely right at your place, but please give this love of ours at least one chance,I am not like other men who finds pleasure in women nor am I one of those who willingly have more than one wife. I don’t believe in Allaha but I worship my love our love and really respect you,not only as a woman,but as a person,who’s courageous enough to confess the truth. Ammijaan is returning with Zehna tomorrow,I’ve sent an invitation to Sultan and shezaadey Iqbal,they’ll be here within 2 days, your abbu has asked me to send you back ,he wants you to head back to Dilli by tomorrow. If you have even the slightest doubt on me,then I won’t talk about our love ever again and move on. But if you believe me,then please don’t lie to yourself at least and give me at least one chance,I promise that I’ll change your views.” saying so.Altunia left Razia’s room. Leaving behind a confused Razia struggling between her heart and her mind.

Precap- Razia’s answer to Altunia before leaving for Dilli.

Credit to: Anumita

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