Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 18)


Chapter 18 – Shattered Dreams!~

Altunia was ready with the breakfast and was eagerly waiting for Razia to arrive. Soon Razia arrived,she was wearing a sky blue and red dress,as she passed through the palace corridor, the sun rays fell on her angelic face making her look even more beautiful, Altunia was not able to take his eyes off her,when she entered the breakfast hall he gave her a small salaam but before he could say anything else,she spoke up “I want to have a word with you. In privacy!” her face showed hints of discomfort and regrets “We can talk later Shezaadi,I think we should have breakfast first.” he said with a broad smile ” Mirza,I’m not hungry….I have something important to tell you. Please.” Razia said firmly the smile from Altunia’s face vanished but was replied by an intense look “Even I have something important to tell you. Come let’s go.” saying so, Altunia lead Razia towards the garden.
When Fatimah opened her eyes she was shocked to find herself in Nasir’s arms,who was still asleep she then remembered how she fell asleep while talking with Nasir in his arms. She felt highly embarrassed and slowly freed herself from his arms without disturbing Nasir,she was relived that no one had seen them and so rushed inside her tent. After sometimes Nasir also woke up, he was surprised to find himself outside his tent , memories of previous night soon came to him and a smile spread on his face unknowingly “Why are you smiling Nasir,why a girl a mere spy affect you so much….and where on the earth is Fatimah? ” he asked himself,not finding Fatimah around he went back to his tent freshened up and came out towards the soldiers’ tent only to find her instructing the soldiers about the plan of action. Nasir neared her and she turned to him “Lets go otherwise we will get late.” she told firmly Nasir nodded a yes and they soon set out for Bengal they had to reach there before sunset.
Royal Palace, Bhatinda

Razia and Altunia were walking in the garden the sun was shining brightly , Altunia decided to speak up first he cleared his throat and asked

Altunia- So you wanted to say something.
Razia- Yes but you start first.
Altunia- No no you say it first.
Razia- OK then….Mirza…whatever happened yesterday…I mean I’m really ashamed…..please forget it.!
Altunia’s smile vanished.
Altunia- What? Why are you being ashamed? I wanted to talk about our feelings only…I…really have strong feelings for you Razia…I…really love you..I love you from the bottom of my heart I have never loved any other woman like I love you I have given my heart and soul to you

Altunia said placing his hands on Razia’s arms but to his surprise, she jerked them away and said -” But I don’t love you . Please never say this again ever..I ..I don’t have any feelings for you!

Altunia’s dreams shattered into pieces saying so, Razia left ..Altunia wanted to stop her but could not move he stood there blankly ,thinking about the time he spent with Razia “No this is not true,I cannot the love I saw in her eyes for me..then why did she reject me?” he asked himself standing there,all alone.

Precap- Altunia asks Razia the reason behind her denial ,meanwhile Nasir and Fatimah reach Bengal

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Suspense used to kill me pls update the next part very soon n pls reveal the reason behind razia’s reject.

  2. ya I’ll uodate soon.Razia loves Altunia too but is ignoring her feelings for him. And ya sorry for the typos I was in a hurry so couldn’t edit.

  3. Awesome episode loved it. Please start MirzaxRazia soon

  4. guys AI .ight not be. able to update before thutsday….I’m a bit bbusy these days. Sorry for the inconvinience.

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