Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 17)

Here’s the 17th chapter,sorry for making u guys wait.
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Chapter 17- Love and Realization

After a long session of self-questioning and deep thoughts, a thought suddenly struck Altunia like a thunderbolt “You dumb man…how could you not realise this?What’s wrong with you. Altunia..it’s all so clear, what I feel for shezaadi, I’ve never felt for any other woman in my life. Whenever she’s around , my heart starts beating faster than ever…all these things mean only one thing- YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH SHEZAADI RAZIA!” Altunia said to himself as soon as he realized his feelings for Razia. Not wasting even a second,he opened the doors of his room and rushed towards Razia’s room,reaching in front of her room,when he was about to knock the doors of her room,he was interrupted by a servant “Subedaar , shezaadi is sleeping and has ordered not to let anyone enter her room until she’s awake..maafi.” said the servant girl softly after giving him a salaam ,Altunia’s face shrunk listening that ,he gestured the servant to go and went back to his room,reaching there ,he lied on his huge bed,starring at the full moon visible from a huge glass window of his room,he thought in his mind “What will happen if she refuses my proposal tomorrow,but……why? I know she feels for me the same way,I…I can see that in her eyes..no no no Altunia,what are you thinking….tomorrow will probably be the best day in your life.” he knew that Razia was not asleep,he kept staring at the bright moon until sleep overcame him
Nasir was trying hard to lit fire on the dry leaves and branches of trees he had collected with the help of a pair of stones but was unsuccessful, seeing this Fatimah couldn’t hold back her laughter and started laughing softly,but Nasir heard her laughter and turned to her,he put the stones aside and stood up,crossing his arms together,he asked her”What is there to laugh…..why don’t you try.?” he asked her throwing her a questioning look…”No..actually I….ok I’ll try.” replied Fatimah nervously. She sat beside the cluster,took the pair of stones and rubbed them together,and to Nasir’s surprise,she lit fire in one go. It was growing cold so both of them decided to sit in front of the fire ,leaning against a giant tree trunk , they sat together discussing about war tactics to be used in Bengal until sleep overtook them and without even realising,they fell deep in sleep in eachother’s arms.
Royal Palace, Bhatinda-
The sun rose ,spreading new hopes in Altunia’s life,he was busy preparing a delicious breakfast for Razia “Do not put too much spice,shezaadi does not like it..be sure the sweets are prepared without too much sugar.” he ordered the cooks in the royal kitchen,he himself was preparing jalebies for Razia he wanted to confess his love to her as soon as possible.

Precap- Nasir and Fatimah reach Bengal to meet the subedar Mohammad Afzal Khan.

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