Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 16)


Hi everyone,I’m back,well well well, I know that the love story of Alzia is a never ending one,but in today’s chapter we’ll focus on Namah(Nasir n Fatimah)

Chapter 16- Off To Bengal!

Royal palace,Dilli-

Iltimush was pacing back and forth in his room,a news had made him tensed,he called for Nasir and Fatimah, when the two arrived he turned to them. “Sultan,may I know what is the matter? You look tensed.” Asked Fatimah realising that Sultan was too stressed about something “Fatimah,I’ve never differentiated between you and Razia,you are also the best warrior spy I ever had ,I trust you,hence,I am giving you and Nasir the responsibility of Bengal . I’ve got the news that the subedaar of Bengal has rebelled against me ,I want two of you to crush the uprising and bring the subedaar in front of me,alive!” Iltimush said while placing his hand on Fatimah’s head. “Sultan,just order me,I’m ready to leave,now .” Fatimah said,while looking straight into Iltimush’s eyes,with a fire in her eyes,”Fatimah’s right abbu,we must leave now.”said Nasir taking a few steps forward. “Hmm…I think both of you must head for Bengal now only with a troop .” said Iltimush looking at Nasir. Fatimah and Nasir loked at eachother,then bowed their heads in front of Iltimush and rushed out of his room.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Royal palace,Bhatinda-
As soon as Razia realised what was she actually doing,she pushed Altunia and broke free,without loosing a second,she rushed into the palace . A startled Altunia stood still in the garden watching her go,it was still raining heavily, Altunia rushed inside the palace,at first he thought of going to Razia ,but then he decided to go to his room. On reaching his room,he shut the doors of his room and sat on hi bed “Why,why I did this? I’ve never felt like this for any other women till now, what did I do,I…I couldn’t control myself. How must be she feeling.” Altunia said to himself . On the other hand,Razia was sitting in her,room engulfed by shame and regret,she could not stop herself from crying “Razia,how could you,why did you? Why do I feel so strongly for a man I hardly know?” Razia questioned herself.
After biding a good bye to Iltimush and other members of the royal family,Nasir and Fatimah jumped on their respective horses and headed for Bengal with their troop. It was mid night when they had come quiet far from Dilli,so Nasir ordered to find a safe place and set up the tents,they’ll continue their journey the very next morning.
The tents were set up, Nasir and Fatimah’s tents were set adjacent to each other and the soldier’s tents were set at a distance of few meters. Fatimah was not at all feeling sleepy,so she decided to get a stroll near her tent so she came out of her tent only to find Nasir outside their tents,trying to lit fire by rubbing 2 stones to each other.

Precap- Altunia realises his true feelings for Razia, and decides to confront Razia

Credit to: Anumita

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