Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 15)


Hi everyone here’s the 15th chapter.
Chapter 15- She Has Arrived

Razia left for Bhatida as soon as the sun rose,the journey was long as she was not in a hurry to reach there,she reached the place by 4 days. On the other hand,hearing about Razia’s arrival Altunia was more than happy ,he wanted to give the best hospitality to his special guest. On welcoming her he lead her to the Deewan-e-Khas . “So shezaadi,after quiet long time we are meeting again,any special reason of your arrival with these gifts?” asked a curious Altunia seeing so many gifts Razia smiled at him through the red net cloth that was partially covering her face Altunia was mesmerised by her beauty,”She looks even more beautiful when she smiles.”he thought in his mind Razia cleared her throat to gain back his attention , overcoming his thought process he shifted his glance back to her almond eyes,when Razia told him about the reason he was overwhelmed with happiness. “Shezaadi, this proposal has my consent but it is ammi who will decide,and she and Zehna are not here at the moment,but you don’t worry she’ll be back within 3-4 days,till then you may stay here,I’ll send the message to sultan that you are staying back in Bhatinda.” he said with a joyful voice and Razia nodded a yes.

That evening,Razia decided to take stroll in the palace garden that was looking inviting to her,the garden was a treat to anyone’s eyes there were seasonal flowers spreading there aroma,Razia closed her eyes and started feeling the peacefulness of the place,not knowing that she was being watched by a pair of emerald green eyes,Altunia of course,a slow smile curved on his handsome face as he watched Razia from a huge glass window of his room. He then decided to go and accompany her. On reaching near her,in the garden he was all lost in her innocence and beauty,Razia was so lost in enjoying the feel that she could not sense him coming,slowly when she opened her eyes she found him staring at her,the smile from her face vanished she stepped back and her action brought Altunia back to the presence,he cleared his throat and asked”May I accompany you?” and Razia nodded in agreement. While walking through the green grass and scattered dry leaves:-

Altunia- So how is the place?
Razia- Nice,actually mesmerising ,so many flowers so much of peace,I love this place. Was it your idea ?
Altunia- No no…I’m not very good at all these things,it was ammijaan who designed and planed this garden.
Razia-Oh…umm..that means you are also like most of the men always involved in battles and invansions

Altunia No no no…(almost jumped back) I…I’m different…I know how to..cook I’m also a poet soo
Razia(laughing)-It’s ok Mirza,I was just joking but you know what…I don’t know to cook.
Altunia- What(smilinga0 you don’t know to cook..but you are a girl..
Razia-So,is cooking only a girl’s duty

Their cute conversation was disturbed by a loud thunder,the sky grew dark,black clouds surrounded Bhatinda and within seconds,it started to rain heavily. Razia loved rain she could not resist her self from spreading her arms high ,closing her eyes and feeling the droplets caress her beautiful face she forgot that she was not alone and was with a man. Altunia could not take his eyes off her , he slowly came near her,when he was too near Razia,she opened her eyes,the smile from her face vanished,she tried to step back but Altunia held her tightly by her waist ,slamming her against his chest,he tucked back the hair from her face and his lips brushed against hers,at first Razia tried hard to resist but was unsuccessful,an unknown feeling gripped her and she held his strong arms,giving in,letting his lips taste hers,she had never felt like that for any man also she had never been touched this way.

Precap- Altunia realises hi feelings for Razia while Razia deny her feelings for Altunia.

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Dear Anumita, I was a great fan of Razia Sultan. I was really sad when it ended. I didn’t know that someone was writing a fanfic about it. I came across it just today. Let me tell you your writing skills are awesome. I have read a number of fanfics but never came across one so beautifully written. Your way of expression is just awesome. Hats off to you!

  2. you can read this ff from the 1st Chapter,so that you get into the flow dear

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