Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 14)


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****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Chapter 14-The Marriage Proposal!

It has been almost a month since Altunia left,but his memories were still haunting Razia,but she ignored them thinking that she was to thankful to him.
The spring season has just knocked the doors of Dilli,when Razia was informed that her elder step-brother,Iqbal has arrived,the news filled Razia with excitement and happiness ,although a step-brother ,living in Agra with his mother,he loved the Qtub family with all his heart and soul,especially Razia.

As soon as Iqbal entered the Royal palace,he found the royal family waiting at the main entrance of the palace to welcome him. Iqbal was a well built man in his early 20s,he was of dark shade and was tall,he had a pair of big black eyes that made him look really attractive. Razia hugged Iqbal as soon as he entered the palace,in turn Iqbal huged his little sister with the same warmth.
After having lunch,the family settled in Iltimush’s room for spending some time together the course of their light hearted discussion soon turned to a serious topic,marriage .”So abbu I think Shazia must get married now,now,when she’s young a boy might fall for her beauty otherwise who’ll marry a fool?” Iqbal teased Shazia giggling. “Bhaijaan,I think it’s your turn to get married you are one year older than Nasir bhaijaan ,if you don’t stop flirting with every young woman you meet now,nobody’s going to give his daughter’s hand to you.” said Shazia mockingly, Iqbal’s face turned red due to her comment and everybody burst into laughter,but Iltimush had some serious thoughts he wanted his son to get married and he also had a name in his mind,Zehna ,

Altunia’s younger sister. He knew that mariage was no where in Iqbal’s mind so he thought of secretly sending Razia to Bhatinda with the marriage proposal,that night he came to Razia and asked her to go to Bhatinda with gifts, sweets and the marriage proposal but not to tell anyone else whwere was she actually going.”But abbu,what will you tell everyone,where are you sending me with all these thing? ” Razia asked her father “Don’t worry I’ll tell them that you are going to Jaipur to meet your friend, Kuwari Hira Bai.” he replied .

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