Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 13)


Hi everyone,here I am with my 13th chapter , let’s see how fate draws Fatimah and Nasir closerand how it does the same with Altunia and Razia
Chapter 13- She Wakes Up At Last!
After a week of patience and treatment,the medicines finally showed their effect,Fatimah gained conciousness at last,hearing the wonderful news,Razia who had completely recovered by then,rushed to Fatimah’s room only to find Nasir feeding some medicines to her,she was surprised to find him there”Bhaijaan,what are you doing here,eh…I mean I thought you were practising sword fighting so….” Razia was about to complete but was interrupted by Nasir’s explanation “Eh..yah but…actually she had just gained conciousness,she’s weak yet and..no one was around so..I just decided to help her.” he said with a faint smile “Oh…but you can continue your practice bhaijaan,abbu is coming along with ammi to see her moreover,I’m here with her.”Razia said with a smile on her face,Nasir was about to say something but was interrupted by Fatimah”Yes shezaadey, I’m not alone anymore,even Yakut is coming.” she said with a weak smile on her face,hearing this Nasir felt irritated “If I myself want to be here with her,what is her problem then Yakut Yakut Yakut as if he’s the only person she knows in this whole world.”he said in his mind,he put the glass of medicine in the table,got up and left hurriedly leaving both Razia and Fatimah confused.

within a week Fatimah was much better,she could get out of her bed but not without any support,both Qtub and Iltimush were taking special care of her,now since it has been quiet long Altunia decided to finally return to Bhatinda,he has his own responsibilities, he asked Iltimush for permission to leave and so was he granted the permission. Razia could not make out why was she feeling sad,her heart sank on hearing the news that Altunia would leave the very next morning,that night Altunia came to meet Razia in her room althogh she was surprised,she was feeling happy.”Adab Shezaadi!,I hope I didn’t disturb you,” Altunia greeted the princess while entering her room”Actually,I am to leave tomorrow morning only so I thought why don’t I go and meet my new frien?Umm we are friends no?”he asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice “Yes of course we are…at last you saved my life.” she said with a broad smile .”
Altunia-I…no no it was you who saved me,anyway,my friends call me Mirza
Razia- Mirza,well that’s a nice name so do you mean even I…..
Altunia- Yes of course Shezaadi
Razia- Ok then Mirza,I hope we meet again

hearing this,Altunia gave Razia a short salaam and went away bidding her good night.

The very next morning Altunia was set to leave , but his eyes constantly searched for Razia who was there with Fatimah applying medicine on her wounds “Altunia is going,why aren’t you there? You may never see him again.” asked Fatimah surprised at Razia’s actions because she knew that Razia was not ill mannered at all “I don’t know why Fatimah,but I just can’t see him go,so…I decided to stay back.” Razia replied with a low voice,Fatimah decided to keep quiet although her mind was filled with questions.
There,outside the royal palace before exiting the main gate of the Palace, Altunia looked back to the palace with the hope in his eyes that Razia might be looking at him through any window but was disappointed on not finding even a hint of hers. With a heavy heart,he turned back,focusing on his path while he rode on his horse an he knew that an unknown feeling has gripped his heart but he was unable to make out what was it.

Precap- Marriage proposal of Razia’s brother,Iqbal to Altunia’s sister Zhena,Razia goes to Bhatinda with the proposal on the other hand, Nasir and Fatimah are sent to Bengal by Iltimush.

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Credit to: Anumita

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