Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 12)


Now here I’m with the 12th chapter but guys I’m really disappointed,no commment??? Well..that hurts a bit .
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Chapter 12- Awakened at last!

The whole night,the Hakim had spent in his treatment and the kingdom in prayers,for Razia and Fatimah , Nasir and Altunia were praying secretly,as they did not want anybody to know about their concerns,especially Altunia ,Qtub sat beside Razia all night to take care of her,they although were strong souls were hell scared this time.

As soon as the golden sun rays of the rising sun kissed Razia’s angelic face,she slowly opened her eyes, seeing this Qtub ran to her,she was feeling relived that Razia was out of any danger now,the good news spread like wildfire in the kingdom, Altunia came running to Razia’s room only to find her laying on her bed,surrounded by Yakut and her family . Altunia was more than happy seeing Razia fully awakened and joyfully interacting with Yasir. He came near her,kissed her hand(kissing someone’s hand as a general formality for expressing happiness/thankfulness) “Shezaadi,if anything would have happened to you,I would have never forgiven myself,you got hurt saving me.” he said with a hint of pain and regret in his deep voice , “It was my duty,you helped my father when he needed you the most.” Razia straight looking straight into his emerald green eyes, they felt as if the time had stood still, as if they have known each other since ages,as if the whole world has paused and they shared an intense eye-lock,however the beautiful moment was disturbed by the arrival of the Hakim ,”Good morning Shezaadi.” greeted the old man before checking her,after he checked Razia he was happy to announce that Razia was out of danger now and would be able to walk all by herself within 2 days. But then he delivered a sad news that changed the whole atmosphere, Fatimah’s wounds have not responded very well to the medicines neither had she gained back conciousness , the news shook Nasir till the core,he rushed to Fatimah’s room ,not paying any attention to the Hakim who was refusing him to go to her”Shezaadey Nasir,she’s still very weak please don’t go there.” cried out the hakim in vein.

On reaching Fatimah’s room,Nasir slowly opened the door and stepped in,his heart sank when he saw her lying unconscious,full of bruises on her body,especially her hands and arms,tears of helplessness started flowing from is eyes “Fatimah!”he unknowingly took her name , “Nasir! why are you here,what do you want,why does thi commoner matter to you so much?” he asked himself,and left the room shutting the door,he had no idea what was happening to him,but Sultan Iltimush had become well aware of the feeling unknown to Nasir, a slow smile curved on his soothing face.

Precap-Fatimah gains back conciousness, a marriage proposal

Credit to: Anumita

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