Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 11)


Sorry I again forgot to write any precap,but this chapter will have one.
Chapter 11- Save her!

Before Altunia could realise anything ,the attacker gave Razia a deep cut on her back,the sword was poisoned,blood oozed out from her back, her vision started blurring out and she fell unconscious on Altunia’s arms who held her just in time. Altunia’s eyes redden and a single tear escaped from his emerald green eyes,he was boiling with range, he slowly lifted his head facing the attacker who was about to escape and within seconds, Altunia’s sword parted the head of the attacker from his body . Turning his attention back to Razia ,he sat down and put her on his lap,he shook her cheeks in order to wake her up but was unsuccessful in doing so. Just then Nasir,Yakut and Iltimush reached the scene “Razia!, Fatimah” cried Iltimush painfully seeing both of them laying unconscious in the pool of blood. Wasting no time Altunia scooped Razia into his arms”We must take them to the Hakim(doctor/healer) I think the swords were poisoned.” he said before rushing out of the place ,wasting no time Nasir scooped an unconscious Fatimah into his arms andrushed out of the place followed by Iltimush and Yakut . Tears of helplessness flowed from Nasir’s bright eyes ,he was worried about Razia ,but why was he so restless about Fatimah,he was feeling of killing that Yaldoz,but he could not do anything,Iltimush has already killed him in a fit of range.

On reaching Razia’s room,Altunia placed Razia on her bed,her skin has turned pale,the redness of her cheeks had vanished,he quickly ordered his men to bring the healer,Nasir reached the same place and put Fatimah beside Razia. After the healer came,he checked the two ladies and said “Sultan,I can’t say anything right now,both are critical ,Shezaadi has been affected by a life-threatening poison,while Fatimah’s body could not withstand so many injuries. Shift Fatimah to another place,I’ll have to carryout different treatment for them,I’ll come back within an hour.” saying so,the hakim left the place,Iltimush was in deep sorrow,”Sultan,don’t worry,both Fatimah and shezaadi are very brave,nothing will happen to them.”said Yakut placing his hand on Iltimush’s shoulder. Altunia thought that leaving the place is much better,so he walked out of the room,he went to the mosque to pray for Razia and Fatimah,although he never believed in God,he had no other choice. “I never had faith I you,yet I’m here to pray for the two good souls ,maybe especially Shezaadi Razia,I don’t know why am I doing this,but she(Razia)is a pure soul please donot let anything happen to her…please.”a single tear escaped from his eyes that were closed for prayer and fell on his palms those were lifted for prayer.
He was not able to make out why he boiled with range when Razia got injured,why he was in tears seeing an unconscious Razia,but he knew for sure,he really cared for her but could not make out why .

Precap- Razia gains conciousness, Fatimah still unconscious , Nasir expresses his concern for Fatimah.

Credit to: Anumita

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