Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10- Bloodshed in Dilli

Royal palace,Dilli

Razia slit the throat of the soldier about to attack her,the royal palace had been attacked by Yaldoz’s soldiers ,Razia was carrying Yasir,her younger brother of five on her one shoulder and holding him with one hand with and fighting with the attackers with with her other hand,her courage had even left the attackers startled. Razia knew that it was difficult for Fatimah to fight with so many attackers alone, the royal troops were busy protecting the ordinary people as ordered by Razia,because for her,like her father,people came first,she had to reach the Harem anyhow and help Fatimah.

On the other hand Fatimah was fighting the soldiers alone she ,although alone,was giving a tough fight to the soldiers , standing on a pool of blood,she put her sword in the attacker’s stomach choking him to death. Finally,she had killed all of them attempting to enter the Harem but she was badly injured,with great courage and strength,she reached the main palace only to find Razia standing there ,holding Yasir tightly on dead bodies of Yaldoz’s soldiers and a pool of blood,her cloths and sword were stained with blood,she was also injured but she did not let anything happen to Yasir ,Fatimah smiled faintly at Razia and fell on her knees,she was very weak now and badly injured ,putting down Yasir Razia was about to rush towards Fatimah when two swords clashed in front of her ,one was of Altunia and the other was of an attacker about to attack her,Altunia swung his sword high and killed the attacker within seconds,his eyes were red with range ,just then Razia saw another attacker about to attack Altunia from behind with a sword ,”ALTUNIAAA!” she cried while she pushed him aside just in time taking the attack on herself.

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