Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction (Chapter 1)

Hi , I’am going to write the first chapter…..hope you guys like it.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Chapter 1:- Long live to the sultan!

The golden rays of the sun washed the city Dilli(Delhi) as the sun rose making each and every part of the city visible , sultan Iltimush watched his beloved city throgh a huge glass window a soothing smile spread on his fair face , “Nothing is more important than my people to me.” he said to himself . Just then a servant girl came near the sultan’s room , she stood beside he huge and beautiful doors of his room, bending her head and facing the floor she said in aloud yet gentle voice , “Sultan , Mlika e-hind(queen Qtub) has sent me to inform you that she has requested you not to enter the Deewan-e-Aam till the evening they are planning a birthday surprise for you” iltimush whirled around facing the servant girl and said with a surprised tone “Oh! I….I completely forgot , it’s my birthday today . Well if Qtub begam wants so then I must fulfil her wish. But I can certainly meet my people right I don’t think she has any objection regarding this?” iltimush threw a questioning glance at the girl ” No sultan, there’s no objection.” replied the girl .

” You may go now ,I want to meet my people.” ordered Iltimush , after the servant left he put his crown on his head and headed toward a massive balcony that was specially meant for the sultan’s and the other royals’ public appearance. The palace guards bent there head to give slaam the sultan as he passed through the long corridors of the palace after reaching the balcony Iltimush was surprised to see that almost the whole Dilli has gathered there to catch a glimpse of the sultan who not only ruled over Hindustan but also over there hearts “LONG LIVE TO SULTAN ILTIMUSH , LONG LIVE TO SULTAN” these words echoed the whole palace until the sultan gestured them to calm down.

PRECAP- Razia’s spl gift to her father

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