Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 38


Chapter 38 – Something Is Not Right!

The next morning , was as usual for the whole palace,Razia was sittting idly in her chamber , she had nothing to do , so she decided to visit her ammi.
Reaching her chamber , she called out for Qtub “Ammijaan , where are you?” , she was surprised to find her ammi , sitting quietly on her bed , tensed ,concerned at once she asked her placing her hand on her shoulder “Ammi , what is the matter ? You seem tensed.” “ Razia , one of my personal maids , Ruhana is missing since day before yesterday , I am really worried , since so many years , she has been working here , but….She had never left without informing me .” Qtub replied { GUYS , RUHANSA IS THE SAME MAID WHOM TURKAN KILLED , AND IN THE PALACE , EVEN THE SERVANTS ARE REATED FAIRLY}
“Ammi , I know you are worried , but please don’t I’ll try to find her , may be she was in an emergency or something?” Razia consoled her , Qtub nodded her head in agreement before Razia left the room.

Reaching the palace gates , she inquired about Ruhana to the guards but got disappointed since no important clue could be gathered.”Razia , you need to think.” she said to herself , she didn’t realize that she was walking toward the backyard of the palace , until she bumped into a wall and came back to her senses , looking around , she got confused “Oh , where have I come ?” she asked herself , but just when she turned to go , her eyes caught a part of bare ground “This…this part of soil seems to have dug s few hours ago only.’ saying so , she touched the part of ground and began to dug it by her hands , after dugging a few meters , with a stick ,she was shocked at her discovery , her mouth opened seeing Ruhana’s dead body. “Ruhana!” she exclaimed.
**************************************TO BE CONTINUED*************************************************************************
Sorry for the small update but I am too busy these days , I might update the chapters in 2 parts from now on.

Precap – Razia informs Altunia about her discovery.

Credit to: Anumita

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  1. Di what an amazing episode and I really liked the wedding scene!!! I am sorry for not being there since a long time as my net connection was bad…… I am eagerly waiting for the episode…

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    wowwww it’s ok yrrrr, i can understand atleast u updated this also……. thxxxxx and looks like turkan apna tir ghit dha krne waali he

  3. Heya Anu just like every time ……..
    Amazing episode 🙂
    N mysterious too ,
    Loved it , I hope she n Altunia together will find the murderer too .
    I will wait for the next update
    lv u n ff.

  4. It’s okk anu…. Even if u r busy . u r trying to update… Doesn’t matter short or long ur ff rock… We can understand… Update as per ur convenience… And thanks a lot for putting so much efforts & hardwork in writing this ff.. u n ur ff both r fabulous… Sorry for commenting late….wifi was not working…

  5. I will wait for next episode…. Alzia pair always rock … I hope this time also they unfold the mystery behind the death… Turkan is so irritating n annoying….alzia pls throw her in hell ??

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