Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 37


Chapter 37 – Recognition As The Prince’s Wife.

The next morning , Fatimah woke up with a bad headache , she was dead tiered yesterday , yet got to sleep late , as soon as she woke up , for a fraction of seconds ,she was surprised to find her in a completely different room , but then reality struck her , for once she had forgotten that she was no more a servant of the empire.
She got down from her bed with a heavy head , suddenly a maid came rushing towards her and helped to walk towards the dressing table “Thank you.” she mumered to her “There’s no need to thank shezadi , I’m at your service at anytime , it’s my duty.’ the made said , bowing in front of her , Fatimah smiled back and requested her to help her to freshen up since , her head was aching badly

There was hustle and bustle in the palace all around , at the evening , the royal guests were to come , but before that , Sultan Iltimush and Shezaadey Nasir had to introduce Fatimah as his legal and first wife to the people of Dilli.
“I’m afraid people would not accept Fatimah as a part of the royal family so easily.” Iltimush said to Nasir in a tensed voice “Abbu , don’t worry , people have to accept her , I know that to them , she is nothing but a mere slave but they also love you , they respect you a lot and thus it’s expected that they will respect your decision also , and as far as the ministers are considered , I’ll handle them with your help , but I won’t tolerate any finger that would raise on Fatimah.” said a determined Nasir.

The much awaited moment had finally arrived , people were asked to gather near the palace’s special varandah from where , the Sultan and the royals always gave appearance , everyone was curious about this sudden gathering.
Nasir was waiting for Fatimah to come outside her room , at last she came , she was looking really beautiful in a cream and royal blue colored attire , she was wearing a nose ring and a light rajputana style necklace , with some heavy earings (jhumkas)and gold bangles , Nasir offered his hand to her “Shall we?” he asked , looking into her beautiful eyes , Fatima smiled shyly and gave her hand to him , and they headed towards the varandah for a public appearance as husband and wife.

Iltimush was waiting for the newly weds to arrive , as they came , he passed on a smile to them and gestured Fatimah to stand next to stand between him and Nasir, Fatimah smiled and took her position , the people were surprised to see her , they started discussing among themselves about her , when suddenly , Iltimush raised his hand , gesturing them to stop and listen to him calmly. “People to Dilli ! I have come her to make an announcement , I , Sultan Iltimush , is here to introduce you all to my daughter-in-law and the first wife of my beloved son Shzaadey Nasir , Fatimah!” he announced proudly , at this announcement , people gasped in shock , they could not accept a slave as the wife of their favorite prince
Man 1- Sultan , how can a slave become your daughter in law?
Man 2- Yes Sultan , how can this be possible , she’s just a slave , we can’t accept her as Shezadey’s wife .
Many people started supporting the statement , but Iltimush was calm as ever , he raised his hand , gesturing them to stop ‘Hmmm I see , let me ask you all a question then , you all respect and love me with all your heart , but I was once a slave only , did your love for me get weakened by this fact?” he asked with a hint of anger in his voice , people’s head fell in shame ‘What is Fatimah’s fault then , do anyone of you present here have any other reason not accepting her as Nasir’s wife?” he asked to them , but got complete silence in answer.
*** TO BE CONTINUED***********************************************************************************************************

Credit to: Anumita

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