Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 24)

First of all, sorry sorry sorry…I was too busy, hence could not update my story. But now, for you all, here’s an epic episode.
****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Chapter 24- Eid, A Boon , or A Curse?

Royal Palace, Dilli-

The much awaited moment had finally arrived , the Deeewan-e-Khas of the palace was now filled with royals across the country, the hall was decorated with white lilies and red , yellow and white roses, royal blue,white and blood-red curtains with golden lightings had added their charm to the event. Fatimah and Yakut were satisfied that their efforts have finally brought result, and the result was positive indeed a beautiful smile curved on Fatimah’s face, she was dressed in white and peach coloured palazoos and long kurta (top) , she was looking exceptionally beautiful and Nasir could not take his eyes off her, he was dressed in green and white sherwaani (a kind of long top) and turban , he was feeling sorry for his behaviour and wanted to apologise to Fatimah , but was waiting for the right opportunity . On the other hand Altunia arrived with his mother and sister at the hall , his eyes scanned the hall , for Razia but could not find her, moving forward , he greeted the guest and the royal family , he was dressed in red and golden coloured cloths , with a red turban that made him look even more handsome.
Soon a girl arrived at the hall , as she entered the hall , everyone’s eyes got glued to her , her face was covered with a blue coloured , net veil , only her almond eyes were visible, yet she managed to look elegant and helplessly beautiful , she was wearing a rajputana style grand necklace that made her look even more beautiful ,she looked around and greeted the guests and her family , it was none other than Razia , the people’s princess. Altunia’s eyes sparkled with love seeing her, he could not take hi eyes off her.
Soon Sultan Iltimush arrived , all the people in the hall greeted him as he made his way to the chief’s seat ( a special seat for the king/sultan) and sat there , he guestured everybody to have their seats , there were arrangements for a special event of music and dance , but Iltimush noticed that Qtub was not present at the hall ” Where’s Qtub?” he asked Shamshaad , but before she could answer , a voice came from behind ” Maafi Sultan , I’m late, but I was too busy in looking after the arrangements.” Qtub said as she entered the hall with a beautiful smile , Iltimush smiled and took her hand , he made her sit beside him “It’s ok , .” he whispered and gestured everybody to enjoy the programme.

Soon the programme was over and it was the time for Eidi , Iqbal , being his eldest son got the first chance to ask for Eidi , as expected by all , he asked for a special sword and a horse having lightening speed , Iltimush smiled and said ” Your wish shall be granted my dear.”
Now it was the turn of Nasir,

Iltimush- What do you want my son?

Nasir- I will tell you abbu, but not now , I’ll ask for my Eidi when the right time comes.

Iltimush- Any special reason for this delay?

Nasir- Yes , but for now, I don’t want anything.

Iltimush was surprised but decided to ask Nasir in privacy.

soon. after Shazia , it was Razia’s turn

Iltimush- Razia, meri bachi, you have made me proud ask for anything and it is yours.

Razia- Abbu are you sure? I can ask for anything?
she asked with a smile and Iltimush nodded his head in response
Razia looked straight into Iltimush’s eyes and uttered her wish ” Malik Altunia.” she said with an uplifted chin and loud voice, all the guests ghasped in surpise, including Altunia , he did not expect this at all.
But Iltimush remained calm with an unreadable expression on his face.
A royal carriage stops in front of the entrance of Dilli , Shah turkan peeps out to have a look of her surroundings and a smile curves on her face.
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So here was the epic episode. Finally , I’m going to turn 17 this Tuesday , and please don’t forget to comment dear friends, back in those days it was a big thing for any girl what Razia did.

Precap- Shah Turkan reaches Dilli Palace, Iltimush’s answer to Razia.

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