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Razia Sultan…the story retold (season 2)


First Look Teaser.

Scene 1-A battle field is shown , Razia , in her Armour , dressed as a warrior is riding towards her opponents , a war cry is heard and she charges on her opponents with her sword.

Scene 2- Fatimah is dressed as a Rajput princess is practicing sword fight with others. She swings her sword deftly and holds it with a certain fashion.

Scene 3- Altunia is riding on his horse and his horse jumps into a stream of water and he rides through it .

Scene 4- All the people are showering flowers on Nasir , he raises his hand to address them.

Scene 5- People are cheering for Razia , Yakut appears in front of people from behind her , Razia and Yakut smiles at each other , he stands beside Razia.
So guys , this was the first look teaser of the second season of my ff , I’ll soon update the characters’ new looks , as well as some important characters.
Hope you guys like it and please please please do not forget to comment.

  1. I can’t wait……..update asap anumita….waiting for it…thanks for teaser

    1. Your welcome

  2. very nice. next update.

  3. soooo eager!!!!

  4. Next teaser would be of Fatimah and Nasir
    So stay tuned.😉

  5. Ohh 🙂

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