Razia Sultan…the story retold (season 2)

First Look Teaser.

Scene 1-A battle field is shown , Razia , in her Armour , dressed as a warrior is riding towards her opponents , a war cry is heard and she charges on her opponents with her sword.

Scene 2- Fatimah is dressed as a Rajput princess is practicing sword fight with others. She swings her sword deftly and holds it with a certain fashion.

Scene 3- Altunia is riding on his horse and his horse jumps into a stream of water and he rides through it .

Scene 4- All the people are showering flowers on Nasir , he raises his hand to address them.

Scene 5- People are cheering for Razia , Yakut appears in front of people from behind her , Razia and Yakut smiles at each other , he stands beside Razia.
So guys , this was the first look teaser of the second season of my ff , I’ll soon update the characters’ new looks , as well as some important characters.
Hope you guys like it and please please please do not forget to comment.

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  1. I can’t wait……..update asap anumita….waiting for it…thanks for teaser

    1. Your welcome

  2. very nice. next update.

  3. soooo eager!!!!

  4. Next teaser would be of Fatimah and Nasir
    So stay tuned.?

  5. Ohh 🙂

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