Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) promo



“Sultan , why do not you too have a Sultana by your side like other Sultans?” a little girl asks Nasir innocently, Nasir chuckles lightly at her innocence, picking up the girl in his arms he replies”Of course I have a Sultana too by my side.” the girl frowns and looks around, not finding any such lady, she asks again “But, where is she? I can’t see her.” Nasir smiles at her, taking her tiny hand into his , he places it on his chest where she feels his heartbeats ” Here , she is here , she is my heart and she resides in me!” the girl smiles at him , a bit satisfied. ” Yes Fatimah , you reside in me , you are the reason of mt existence and will always be , no one can ever take your place in my heart , because my heart and my soul belongs to you!” he says to himself in his mind.
Adiraj extends his hand to Fatimah , “So , shall we?” he asks with a smile , to which Fatimah nods with a smile and gives her hand.
Is this the end of a love story? Stay tuned to know .
I AM REALLY SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR SO LONG.BUT I AM HELPLESS, I HAVE BY 2ND PRE -BOARD ON THE WAY ON JANUARY, I need to study harder this time , I am just not able to take out time for writing.Please forgive me. I WILL FROM NOW ON UPDATE ONCE IN A WEEK.

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  1. Its okk dear…update when u get time..I am a big fan of your ff..I wish happy ending of this love story…thanks for promo

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