Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) (Final Teaser)


Teaser (Final Teaser)

Scene 1 -(Razia’s voice in the background ) “ I want to see only the flag of Dilli Sultanate all over Hindustan , so that we all remain united.”

A burning flag falls down from a fort, Razia dressed as a warrior then puts up Dilli Sultanate’s Flag on a fort.

Scene 2 – Razia is throws a dagger on Mauizuddin , but she misses her shot “ Is baar rishtey nay aapko bachaliya bhaijaan per agli baar mera nishana nahi chukega.” ( This time our relation saved you brother but the next time , I won’t miss my aim.)

Scene 3 – (Altunia’s voice in the background) “Love…that battles stormy water , love……that bows before non , love….. that places it’s beloved above all….”

“ Our love shall be remembered forever by the world , and from now on , your name shall be taken before mine RAZIA- ALTUNIA!” Altunia said to Razia and took her into a hug.

Scene 3- “ The world is too cruel for our love Fatimah!” Nasir said cupping Fatimah’s face with his palms “ I have no relation with this world , you are my world.” Fatimah said and Nasir kissed her on her forehead.

Scene 4- “ Who knows , whether Razia would be alive in the future or not?” Turkan said with an evil smile while Mauieezuddin smiled slyly.

Phew done with the last teaser , I’ll try to start writing from tomorrow .

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  1. Loved the teaser! I am really eager!

  2. waiting for your next chapter since very long and loved the trailer can’t wait now !

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