Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 9)

Chapter 9- He’s Here

Royal Palace , Dilli-

Preparations were being made to welcome Shezaadey Moizudeen in the palace , though Razia did not share any special bond with her step brother , Moiz , but as a sister and the Sultan , it was her duty to welcome him and provide him with the best hospitality of the Qtub dynasty throughout his stay. It was not more than a couple of years ago , when Queen Qtub passed away , Yasir was sent to Agra for his education and Shazia , she was married off to the new and of course loyal subedaar of Gujrat. Since then , it was only Zehna , Razia , Nanijaan and Yakut in the palace , residing as a …family , may be not very happy , each member had a feeling of hollowness within but , they were each others strength .But may be life was finally going to take up a happy turn in case of Razia , or…….was Moiz and Turkan’s arrival going to destroy everything?
Razia , stood at the entrance , ready to welcome her brother , and unknowingly , Shah Turkan , who was to come in disguise of a special minster , well , hiding herself behind a burkha.
“Your welcome bhaijaan .” Razia welcomed Moiz as soon as he stepped in , into the entrance. Moizudeen immediately plastered a fake smile on his handsome face and greeted his so -called sister back.

Royal Place , Bhatinda- It was going to be a bit busy day for Altunia , and he knew it that Moizudeen had arrived in Dilli , his spies informed him , and the most obvious thing had occupied his mind , he was a wise and witty man after all , worry and fear for his love , Razia , he did not like his so -called brother by her side after learning that he was desperate for the thorn , really desperate.

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