Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 9) CONTINUED

Chapter 9 (continued)

Royal Palace , Dilli –

”How was the lunch , did it satisfy your taste buds?” Razia asked Moizudeen in a polite tone , serving him a glass of water “The Sultan of Dilli …. serving a mere to be subedaar of Multan?’”Moiz asked sarcastically “Bhaijaan , let’s not talk about it , it’s useless to do so , and you know that very well.” Razia replied with a sigh “Why ? So , that you can get away with the false excuse of situation or something else. Opportunist , that’s what you ARE .RAZIA.”Moizudeen snapped at her , his voice suddenly raised . At this Razia lost her cool and decided to answer back ‘Well , as far as the thorn is concerned , I did not take any advantage of any sought of situation , Abbu had chosen me , I was the chosen one and I got…..what I deserved , though I never dreamt of it , well , about you . You are my half crother and I respect you and our relation , that’s it.” with those words , she left the room , angry like hell.

“Will you calm down , we also have to handle a silly conspiracy. Yakut tried to calm down Razia , who was pacing back and forth in anger in her chamber , suddenly Razia looked at him with teary eyes , she vulnerable , THE RAZIA SULTAN looked weak and vulnerable “Am I an opportunist Yakut?Did I take advantage of…..of the situation?” a tear made it’s way through her delicate cheeks as she asked Yakut , Yakut made an annoyed face and quickly wiped off the tear fro her face “What are you talking of ?Don’t pay any heed to that…that your so-called brother , he’s….anyways , Razia , you got what you deserved dear .

”Yakut tried to console her , he had never seen this side of Razia since she was officially announced as the new Sultan of Dilli Sultante , this scared the hell out of him , he could not see her falling weak , she was not only the Sultan of a powerful empire or his friend , but also his first and perhaps last love , the only woman he loved with all his heart and soul , though his heart always bled seeing her love somone else , but at the end of the day , all he wanted was to be with her and see her happy and in peace . But it was still hurtful , as it was once said , ‘The saddest and toughest part of loving someone is to see the person you love , loving someone else.
Royal Palace , Bhatinda-

Altunia’s POV-

I just can’t wait for holi , on the occasion of Holi , I’ll ask Razia’s hand for marriage and make her mine , officially , forever , if I did not have to handle some issues here , I would have asked her hand on that only , but holi is not that far. No matter what comes into my way , this time , no one can stop me from claiming her MINE! And for this , I do not need anyone’s silly consent. Wait wait , what’s wrong with me , I thing I’m growins a bit obsessed and possessive for her . I need to get hold on myself lest I’ll hurt my love.
Well , but I really need to keep an eye on that….Moizudeen.
(End of pov)
Hi everyone , thank you so much for being patient with me , well , being a Bengali , Durga Pooja is something I couldn’t miss , so , was a bit busy these days, but now , I’ll try to be regular.
Please do comment on if you all like Altunia’s growing possessiveness for Razia or not?
Precap- Fatimah finally talks to Nasir as Fatimah not as princess Rajshree , some revelations , anger , sorrow nd confessions on the way.

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