Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 8 )

Chapter 8- Shattered Hopes !

Royal palace , Ajabgarh –

It was a new day in Ajabgarh , the sun had raised an hour ago , feeling much much better yet a bit frustrated for being vulnerable , that too in front of Nasir , she made her way to the sword practicing hall of her palace to practice some sword skills .

Fatimah’s pov-

very story has to end , after all , a new story must begin and in this new story , love , marriage and Nasir has no place.
Thinking so made me feel good , I tightened my grip on my sword and started my practice , after practicing for a few miniutes , I sensed someone’s presence , before I could turn around a heard a familiar voice “Mashallh! Shezaadi Rajshree” who else could it be , that Naseerudin … well , today I am going to deal with him in MY WAY.

(end of pov)

Fatimah turned around and was not surprised to find Nasir standing there , with his usual , irritating grin , some loose strands of her hair moved with her sweaty head , straightening her self and gaining back her usual self , she asked politely “How may I help you King Naseerudin?” her voice had suppressed annoyance and unusual coldness Nasir raised an eyebrow questioningly , clearing his throat he intentionally asked “How is your wound?” , memories of the day when Nasir came into her chamber flooded Fatimah’s mind and her face turned a bit red , which did not go unnoticed by Nasir , he smirked at her reaction lightly. “Much much better , thanks to Allah that no one came to disturb me.”

Fatimah almost snapped at him , she was after all not a fool , she understood his intentions .Nasir sighed in defeat , this was no going to be that easy , he realised , thus , he tried to hit the nail on it’s head “Fatimah! There was not a singe day , not even a single day when I did not take your name as prayer or did not remember you , your memories , our memories together , I know……I should have trusted you…..I don’t know…. Fatimah , forget it , please give me one chance , our love…” but he was left incomplete by Fatimah who raised her hand , gesturing him to stop “First of all , it’s Rajshree , not Fatimah and second thing , Rajshree has no relation with King Nsir until it involves any political issue.”.

Fatimah! I really , love you …I..” but before Nasir could complete his words , Fatimah took out her sword I immediately and kept it on Nasir’s neck , making sure it touched his skin but did not hurt him , Nasir was taken aback by such an unexpected action , “Jitni muhabbat aapko humse hain , ussay kaii zyada nafrat humey aapsay hain.” (I hate you much more than you love me) .” she said with utter calmness and coldness , leaving Nasir , disheartened.

Royal Palace , Multan-
Shah Turkn knocked Moizudeen’s chamber’s doors , that opened immediately , Moizudeen gave her a welcoming smile and let he in “Well , when are we going to Dilli?” she asked , coming straight to the point , while placing the glass of milk she had brought for him on the table. “Hmmmm, may be tomorrow.. “ Moiz replied calmly ‘Tomorrow..I can’t wait .” Turkan said subconsciously.

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