Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 7 continued)

Chapter 7 (continued)

Nasir hesitantly opened the doors of Fatimah’s chamber , there were translucent curtains all around , blocking his view , he removed the curtains , and found , another small room , a few feet away from Fatimah’s bed , the melody was coming from there , he noiselessly , but bfore he entered the room , he saw Fatimah’s shoes , outside the room “May be , a Hindu way of offering prayers .” he thought and put aside his shoes too . Entering the room , he was surprised to find none other than Fatimah singing the devotional song , he kept on staring at her , mesmerized , more by her voice this time , but he came back into senses , when Fatimah finished her song for her Kanhaji (Lord Krishna) . “I…um…I heard..” Nasir tried to find an excuse , but failed miserably , without paying any heed to his word , Fatimah silently got up with a thaal and came towards him silently , , she then offered him some sweets “Prasad” she said in a low voice , Nasir took that hesitantly . Fatimah then finished off some other rituals left and exited from the room. Nasir was not surprised , he had manu Hindu friends and knew the way they offered their prayers to the All Mighty , sighing , he went back to his chamber. Fatimah did not utter a single word , as if she never cared.

Multan , Royal Palace-

Moeesudin was sitting in his dark chamber , the moonlight that was lit the chamber , could not reach his face , , he clenched his jaws , he had returned from Tadzhikistan after completing his higher education there and when he returned two days ago and came to know that his so called step sister Razia had taken over the thrown , his anger knew no bounds , nut there was someone who could help him…..Shah Turkan.

Precap – Mozudin makes his way to Dilli

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