Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 6 continued)


Chapter 6 – A Bittersweet Moment!(continued)

Ajabgarh Royal Palace –

Nasir was led to a lavish chamber by the royal couple “Shezaadey Nasir , you would be staying here asour special guest .” Rana Bhanu said politely , Nasir smiled “ As long as my wife is here , I’ll be taking her with me , to Ghazni.” he said “I see.” Rana Bhanu could utter only those words and ther was an awkward silence and uneasiness between them , perhaps Nasir sensed that “Don’t worry , I know you love her as your own daughter , I do not like to use physical force on women , and when it comes to the woman I love the most , you all need not to worry.” he assured the king.
Leaning against a wall , beside a huge window , Nasir was enjoying his loneliness then , because , now , he could think , he could think how to get her back .

Nasir’s POV-

It was only during this evening when I received an urgent letter from Rani Anujabai , she informed me about the attack and also that Fatimah was with them …as Rajshree , nice name , when I saw here today , she looked exactly like a rajput. Well , I need to fix up things before it turns worse.
(end of pov)

Fatimah’s chamber-

Fatimah slowly opened her eyes , at first , her vision was blurry , but it became clear after a few random blinks. Fatimah found herself laying on her stomach on her chamber , on her bed , surrounded by huge curtains , Rajput royals were kept behind the curtains (women only) most of the time. She noticed her surroundings , her personal maids were around her “Baisa… how are you feeling now?” one of her maids asked her , applying some medicinal paste on her bare back , all she was wearing was a backless long gown -like dress and had a translucent long soft cloth piece (something like a dupatta) . “I am fine … do not worry.” Fatimah replied “ Baisa , when you fainted no … it was subedaar Nasir who brought you here , he did not let you fall and held you at the right time … and when he brought you here , you both were so close as if… you both are one.” her maid teased her , while applying the medicine , suddenly reality struck her , Fatimah recollected the moment when she saw Nasir , her maid was about to tease her further but she raised her hand immediately , gesturing her to stop right there , confused and startled , the maid stopped and resumed her task. Fatimah closed her eyes to relax , but her peace was short lived as she was disturbed by strong muscular voice “So ho are you feeling now?” he asked , without breaking the wall of curtains between them , Fatimah’s eyes snapped open , she got up at once , covering herself with the long piece of cloth beside her , of course it was Nasir “How dare he enter my chamber without my permission.” she fumed in her mind , clearing her throat , she finally replied , but a bit arrogantly “Subadaar Nairudeen , this is my chamber not your battleground where you can enter heedlessly.” , Nasir shook his head in agreement “ I agree but it was a bit urgent.” he said in a serious tone , “If you allow me.” he added further , pointing towards the curtains , Fatimah opened her mouth to say no but stopped abuptly , as the situation was getting awkward , covering her bare skin fully with the cloth she gestured her maids to remove the curtains and let him in , as the curtains were drawn aside , Nasir could get a full view of Fatima …. as princess Rajshree , with merely a typical Rajasthani styled nose ring , and open hair , covered with milk white cloths , she looked no less than an angel , she smirked and approached her , sitting in front of her , on her bed he finally broke the silence “Privacy please” he ordered and everyone left, Fatimah felt a little uncomfortable but did not let it show up on her pretty face ‘May I know what urgency brought you here , Subedaar Nasir?” she asked looking straight into his eyes “Yes …. I wanted to see your wound , come show me.” Nasir replied softly.

Fatimah raised an eyebrow questioningly , “We Rajputs do not show our wounds to others.” , she said calmly , clutching her cloth tighter , Nasir sighed , and looked away , , he took out his dagger and turned to her , as he placed his dagger on the cloth she was holding to cover her wounds , Fatimah stood up , alerted at once “I think you did not hear me clearly We. Rajputs. Do Not. Show. Our.Wounds.To Other.” she said again , pressing on each of her words harder , Nasir frowned , a little annoyed “But I want to see your wounds .” he stated , a bit sternly , Faimah turned her back towards , him , her back was covered with the long cloth and her thick , long , black hair , she was definitely ignoring him , annoyed and angered , Nasir did not wait another minute and pulled away the cloth from her exposing her bare back , Fatimah gave out a loud gasp at the sudden action of his , definitely unexpected and undesirable , she couldn’t turn , back as the cloth was taken away from her and , it showed up much of her skin , she immediately folded her elbows together to hide her bare skin of her front side , but did not move , she could not. Nasir slowly approached her , and removed her hair from her back , keeping it on her front , Fatimah flinched at this sudden and bold action of his , but he caught her and made her stand near her with her back still facing him “Don’t worry , I won’t turn you towards me , I wanted to see your wound , that’s all.’ he whispered and into her ear and caressed her wound softly “I’ve seen your wound , Shezaado Rajshree , you aren’t a Rajput anymore .” he whispered into her ear again with a mischievous smirk . With those words , Nasir wrapped back the cloth on her bare back , and left silently , leaving behind a baffled Fatimah.
Royal Palace , Dilli-

It was a usual night for Dilli , and the palace , everybody were sleeping in their respective chambers ,except the sultan herself , who was taking a look on some important official papers , just then she heard a cough near her , she turned to see the source and was delighted to fin Altunia there “Haven’t you slept yet?” she asked him curiously , Altunia smiled back and sat beside her “No , actually , I’am leaving tonight ony , so just wanted to say good bye and take care.” he replied , Razia nodded and said “I understand .” “But … I want us…. to get married as soon as possible , we had enough of it Razia , I don’t want to loose you again I’ll surely die.” he finally blurted out “Altunia, nobody knows that we are back together and, what about Nanijaan?” she asked a little worried Altunia took her hand into his and assured her “I’ll be here this Holi , and put forward my marriage proposal , till then , there’s no need to reveal anything to anyone .” Razia nodded and hugged him , Altunia hugged her back , placing a peck on her forehead , he said a final good bye and left.

Precap – Another conspiracy agaist Razia , how will she deal with it this time , that too , in the absence of Altunia?

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