Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 5)

Chapter 5- Confessions!

Royal Palace , Dilli-

Yakut was enjoying a relaxed evening at his chamber when someone knocked the closed doors , opening the doors , , he found Altunia standing there “Am I allowed ?” he asked “Of course.” Yakut replied
Altunia -Thank you

Yakut –For what?

Altunia – For saving my life

Yakut- You should thank Razia then , she’s the one who prayed for you the whole night , her condition was worse when the healer suspected that you might not survive.

While Yakut was busy babbling , an evil smirk showed up at Atunia’s face “Oh , thank you Yakut , then I must thank the Sultan.” with those words , he left the chamber , leaving behind a confused Yakut.
Razia was dressed up in her casual attire of a cream and royal blue combination , she was laying on her stomach with her head on her right hand that hung from the coach , lost in thoughts , she didn’t even realize that someone had entered her chamber , around her were giant translucent white curtains , that blocked anyone’s view from the other side. But as soon as someone harshly moved the curtains , Razia got back into her senses , it was non-other than Altunia “How dare you enter my chamber without my permission ?” she asked with a cold , rather annoyed look on her face “Answer my questions first , why are you ‘pretending’? “ he asked sternly “I am not pretending……after whatever you did I…..” she stopped in between and turned away her face , guilt again made it’s way towards Altunia’s heart and soul “I am sorry … I didn’t know… that that Turkan … she manipulated me .” he softened a bit , somewhere Razia knew that he was right , she might have done the same thing if she was in his shoes , Razia was lost in thoughts and did not realise that Altunia had reached near her , he made her turn to him “Don’t I deserve another chance?” he asked Razia stepped back , the cold look returned on her face , putting her hands on her back she said “Malik Altunia , I am not in a mood to talk about any silly matter , we shall talk latter on. You may leave now.” hearing those words , Altunia lost all his patience , he tightened his shoulders and fists “Enough !” he shouted and made her turn to her “No more lies ,stop testing my patience Razia , 5 years , 5 years were as suffocating for me as for you , you know I deserve another chance , you are and were always worried for me , now stop lying to me and yourself and confess the truth.” Razia was taken aback by the sudden action , she tried to free herself from his grip but was unable to , Altunia held her chin with his thumb and index finger and made her look up to him “So , there’s nothing left?” he asked sarcastically , Razia knew she was going to loose this battle , she couldn’t fight anymore and finally broke down and fell on her knees , Altunia too sat down to meet her height and took her into his arms “I can’t bear this anymore , we can’t bear this anymore .” he said to her caressing her hair “I am sorry …. I just … was confused too overburdened I do …I love you ….I was ,is and shall always remain yours.” she finally confessed. Altunia finally sighed in relief .
To be continued

Precap – Rana Bhanu is informed that the Afgans had attacked one of the villages under Ajabgarh.

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