Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 5 continued

Chapter 5 continued

It had been a few minutes since Razia’s confession , Razia opened her eyes and realised that she was still hugging Altunia , confused and feeling vulnerable , she thought it was definitely not the right moment to confess things , she needed sometime to handle all these , what about Nanijaan , what and how will she explain her about her decision? She tried to free herself from Altunia’s grip , Altunia frowned at this action of hers “What’s wrong?” he asked softly “This is not the right time Altunia , I need some time.” Razia replied in one go without looking up at him “Look at me Razia , we can handle it together “ he said trying to make her look at him by raising her chin , but Razia jerked his hand away , which , quiet obviously angered him , “No , I won’t , it’s my chamber, my sultanate …. we shall discus…” but before Razia could complete her sentence , she felt Altunia’s lips come crashing over hers , angered at once she tried to push him away but as much she tried , the tighter his hold on her became Altunia , parted away his lips from her for a moment and said “ Don’t fight me and your emotions Razia because you are not going to win .” and with those word , he pulled her by her neck and his lips met hers , Razia had now stopped protesting , because she knew that he was right , she loved him more than her reputation and gave in .


Royal Place , Ajabgarh-

The sun had set and the darkness was replaced by torches and candles lit at Rajshree’s(Fatimah) chamber , where she was enjoying some leisure time with her brothers and her parents when a guard came running to them , he was panting heavily , and his facial expressions made it clear that he didn’t have a good news “What is it?” Rana Bhanu got up at once , alerted “Ranaji… the .. the Afgans have attacked a village at the borders!” as he let those words from his mouth , Rajdeep and Karanveer got up from their place and instructed their sister and mother “Stay in the palace , Shree , you’ll protect everyone , here , got it ?” Rajdeep instructed , Fatimah could only nod at him , they had to be quick.

Fatimah’s POV- What could be worse ? Our kingdom has been attacked by those lethal Afgans , and now , it’s up to me to protect our palace and the people in and around , thus , I marched out of the chamber and dressed up as a warrior and as soon as I did , I covered my face amd positioned myself at the main balcony and ordered the guards to alert everyone around the palace and ask them to get into the palace’s premises . My order was followed strictly , by now , Bhaijaan and Pitaji had galloped towrds the borders and my mother is in her chamber , as soon as I was sure that all the people were safe , I ordered the palace’s main doors to be closed a secret escape rout to be opened in case we need it. But I wonder what maa is up to , I saw her taking out a letter a moment ago and handing it over to a secret messenger , I hope everything goes well nd , I feel like ripping those Afgans’ head off their bodies.
(End Of POV)

Sorry , but , I would be able to update the nxt chapter only after 22 as my exams are going on. Please ignore typos if any

Precap – Nasir reaches the border of Ajabgarh to deal with the Afgans , will he be able to meet Fatimah?


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