Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 4


Chapter 4- He’s Back!

Royal Palace , Ajabgarh-

Fatimah was making a medicinal paste when all of a sudden , a question popped up in her mind , so restless she became that she immediately called up one of her personal maids in her chamber “Do you know who had invited pitaji and maa? And for what?” she asked after receiving greeting from her “Ji baisa … they’ve gone to Ghazni. The subedaar of Ghazni , who’s considered the Sultanate’s most powerful and the wealthiest subedaar of the Sultanate had himself invited Ranaji … what was his name … I’ve heard it some where…umm..yes Nasieeruddin.” the maid innocently replied , hearing his name , Fatimah stood up at once , the bowl of paste fell from her hand “Baisa , are you all right?’ asked the concerned maid “Ekant! (Privacy)” Fatimah ordered and all the maids left the chamber silently. “No no no , I will not get effected anymore , I am not at all bothered , I have moved on. I won’t get bothered even he appears before me, neither am I Fatimah , nor his wife.” she consoled herself in a determined voice.

Deccan Razia’s army camp-

Altunia was rushed to the healer’s tent “Hakim sahab please save him , he needs to be saved , please be fast , please.” Razia desperately pleaded , seeing her and Altunia’s condition , thr healer quickly checked Altunia “Take him in , please do not interfere , let me deal with this ,please be patient.” the healer said and Altunia was taken inside , as he was being taken away , his hand was slipping away from that of Razia’s , a terrible fear had chilled her spines , the fear of loosing the man , she had once loved and she still does. Seeing her condition , Yakut placed his hand on her shoulder , at such a vulnerable state , Razia immediately hugged him , Yakut restrained himself from hugging her back , because he feared that he might loose control over his emotions , he felt helpless , neither he was able to pull his love out of her pain , nor was he able to compose himself .

After sometime , the healer came out of his tent , “I am sorry , I can’t say anything for sure , he had been hit with very sharp weapons and that too in his chest , I think …. it’s difficult to save him , I’ll try my best , please pray for the warrior.” he said and left a shattered Razia alone with Yakut , hearing this , Razia fell on he knees and broke down , seeing this , Yakut too bent on his knees to console her “It’s all because of me , I should have been careful. Yakut ….. I don’t care about the past all I know is that if anything happens to him … I..I’ll die , I’ll surely die , I still love him Yakut , and will love him forever , I still do…” she finally confessed while crying , Yakut died a hundred deaths hearing this , he leaned towrds him and encircled his arms over her shoulders “Nothing can happen to him , if you are with him.” he tried to console her.

Yakut’s POV-

Someone said absolutely true , the hardest thing in love to see the person you love loving someone else , such a fortunate man you are Altunia. Safar toh mera yeh ek-tarfa hain , bus rah hain , manzil nahi (This journey of mine is one -sided , there’s only path , but no destination).

To be continued

Precap – Fatimah(Rajshree) welcomes back her parents to Ajabgarh . Altunia regains consciousness.


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  1. awsome. finally razia confessed her feelings for altunia. its really good.

  2. Finally razia said it…can’t wait for alzia union..how will fatimah react…can’t wait for next…tysm anumita..Awesome episode

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    I love nasir & Fatima’s story! Thanks for adding it! An awesome chapter as usual!

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