Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 4 continued)


Chapter 4 continued
Deccan , Razia’s Camp-

The sun kissed the soil of Deccan , sun rays spread all over Razia’s camp as well as Razia , who was still praying for her love , as the sun rays exposed her angelic face , she slowly opened her eyes. A messenger came to her and gave her a proper salaam “Sultan , Malik Altunia had gained consciousness” Razia’s happiness had no bounds as she heard the news , but she choose to remain clam and nodded coldly as if she was least bothered. The guard left.
There at the healer’s tent Altunia was surrounded by Yakut , army generals and soldiers of high rank “How are you feeling?’ Yakut asked , a bit concerned “Yes , better’ Altunia replied weakly , their conversation was interrupted when Razia , dressed up asa warrior entered the tent , with her face intact and her expression cold , everyone were silenced by her presence “Dilli Sultanate is thankful to you for saving the Sultan’s life and the sultanate.” she paused or a moment and continued “I invite you to Dilli where you’ll be honored .

I think you need rest now , Sukriya.” with those words , she left , her expressions were cold , as he he was just another man in her army , Yakut himself couldn’t believe his eyes , it was the same Razia who was helplessly crying yesterday . Altunia frowned at her behavior at least he didn’t expect this , he clinched his jaws , a slow , yet intense anger was stirring up in his veins but he remained calm ——————-
Royal Palace , Ajabgarh-

Rana Bhanu and his wife were welcomed by Fatimah and her brothers , Fatimah choose tom act clueless of their visit to Nasir’s Ghazni and that was indeed better. “How was the journey?” Fatimah asked serving them some water “Bit relaxing , as I think.” Anujabai replied . Fatimah smiled at her “You both need to take rest.” she said and left the chamber with a smile.
“Why haven’t they revealed it yet that they had gone to Ghazni and met Nasir their?” she wondered
A few Days later , Dilli –

The people of Dilli cheered for Razia and Yakut as well as Altunia as they’ve successfully silenced Deccan rebellions . Razia smiled at them and Yakut stood by her side a bit too close , but Razia was never bothered at last , he was her best friend , Altunia was honored by the Sultan herself , though Shamshaad did not like it as she held him responsible for the pain her granddaughter was going through. Altunia frowned seeing Yakut with Razia of course he was jealous
Altunia’s POV- How could she act so coldly with me as if I am nothing for her , no I know you are acting and I need answers , Yakut is Razia’s friend , he must be knowing , once I discover the truth , I’ll make you confess your feelings to me Razia , I promise.

Precap – Rana Bhanu is informed that the Afgans are at the border of Ajabgarh , alerted at once , Fatimah herself decides to accompany her father and her brothers at the border , on the other hand , Anujaba sends a letter to Nasir asking for help.
Yakut reveals to Altunia that Razia still loves him.

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