Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – The Battlefield !

First of all I am really really sorry for updating so late but I am a bit helpless , I am not getting sufficient time , so please pardon me guys as from now on , I won’t be able to be regular. Really really sorry but studies are more important.
Chapter 3 – The Battlefield !

Deccan Battle field-

Razia watched her opponent with her eyes narrowed as he entered the battlefield with his troop. “Are everyone prepared ?” she asked Yakut , who was on his jet black horse just beside her without looking at him “ As always yes.” he answered with a smirk. Their opponent , Meer Zafar gave a thunderous war cry. Razia straightened up herself as if she knew that he will be attacking first , just as she wanted , “HAMLAAAA!” she cried in an equally thunderous voice and sped up her horse towards the approaching troop , while riding , she took out her bow and an arrow , and aimed towards the army general of Zafar’s troop , as she shot the arrow , Yakut , who was riding beside her gave a war cry . Razia’s arrow hit it’s aim and the army general was dead , but she knew that there are more than one general . Hence without wasting any moment , she put back her arrow and took out her sword as the two troops clashed their swords , Razia tried to make her way towards Zafar , but was unsuccessful as his soldiers surrounded her , no matter how many she killed , they would always manage to trick her. As the sun began to set , the battle was put to a temporary end , it was the first day of the battle. Razia and Zafar went to their respective camps with their soldiers.
Royal palace , Ghazni-

The royal palace of Ghazni was decorated with flowers ,aromatic candles and scents , Nasir stood at the palace’s main entrance with Shoheb and his wife to welcome his guests himself. His eyes were still at the Rajputs as he wanted to maintain a healthy relationship with the Rajputs , hence , Rana Bhanu and Rani Anujabai were one of the special guests being Rajput and that too a very powerful one. As they arrived they received a warm welcome from the King of Ghazni . Nasir himself lead them into the Deewan-e-Khaas. “I hope the journey wasn’t very tiresome.” Nasir asked politely “Of course not , in fact , we had a pretty good time .” Rana Uday replied with the same politeness. Nasir smiled and excused himself as he had to welcome other guests also. “Who’s do y you think his wife is present here in this hall?’ Anujabai asked “Wait , we don’t even know that whether he had remarried or not.” Rana Bhanu replied.

Soon the hall was filled with royalties , the fest had began , drinks were to be served first , Nasir was having good time with Rana Bhanu and his wife “ Ummmm ……I hope you won’t mind if I ask you about your wife , haven’t seen your beautiful wife or … wives I must say in this event yet?” Rana Bhanu asked in between , acting as if he was asking casually. Nasir smiled and replied “I have only one wife and she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. But there’s a problem , since five years , she’s angry with me and went away , and I am here , still waiting for her .” Rana Bhanu’s face became pale as if all the blood had drained away from his face , he started to sweat profusely “Are you alright Ranaji?’ asked a concerned Nasir “Yes…yes of course , I … have the tendency to sweat profusely in a warm place . Well , I you don’t mind , may I ask your wife’s name ?” Rana Bhanu replied and asked “Fatima!” Nasir replied , Rana Bhanu’s doubts were confirmed. After a while Nasir excused himself and Rana Bhanu and Rani Anujabai were left alone for discussion “Oh we had a big misunderstanding regarding him.” Bhanu said “Let’s fix this .” Anujabai added “But how?” he asked , Anujabai only smiled as a reply .
To be continued.

Precap – Meer Zafar and his men secretly set fire on the tents of Razia and she falls short of soldiers and equipment/weapons.

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