Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) Chapter 3 continued)


Chapter 3 (continued)

Deccan , Razia’s camp-

Razia and Yakut were discussing , or rather planning their next move in this battle when they heard loud cries , alerted at once , they rushed outside to check what happened , Razia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that two out of four of her army tents were engulfed in blazes . Razia rushed to rescue but Yakut caught her at once “Are you out of your senses Razia? Stop!” Yakut asked “But all our men thy are in trouble , we will be in trouble, in a grave trouble!” Razia replied trying to free herself from his grip “It’s all over Razia , they’re all finished . Meer and his men , …they must have done this.” Yakut tried to calm her. By then Razia had calmed a bit “Meer Zafar , you mustn’t have done this.” she said to herself.
“What shall we do now ?” Yakut asked to Razia looking at the burnt tents and ashes “We need to take help from another subedaar , but the problem is who will manage to make his way to here in just one night?” Razia replied and asked “Well … I expected the answer from you. Malik Altunia obviously who else?” Yakut replied quiet sure and unaffected , Razia turned to him , her eyes reflected surprise and reluctance “You are now the Sultan of this Sultanate Razia! You have to think like a just Sultan , keeping all you emotions , your feelings aside.” Yakut tried to convince Razia ,she sighed , she knew that he was right , she called upon a messenger and ordered him “ Send a message to Malik Altunia through a Hawk , that the Sultanate need him , inform him of our location and condition briefly.”. The messenger gave her a salaam and left.

It was the second day of the battle , Razia and Yakut with their troop had already reached the battlefield “There’s no sign of Altunia until now.” Razia asked as she grew a bit restless “Hmmm ..let’s hope for the best and fight until death , if needed.” Yakut replied , Zfar’s troops had already reached there with him , just when Yakut was about to give a war cry , they saw torches from another direction , that only meant one thing , the Altunia had arrived , seeing this , Zafar ordered his army to turn the cannons towards the approaching army , but they were left baffled when they had a closer look at the approaching army , it did not consist of men but cows with mini torches tied to their horn . This left Meer and his men baffled . But Razia was clever enough to guess what and who was this , Altunia intentionally had done so as to confuse Meer so that he doesn’t have sufficient time for even reacting. She smirked at his move and just when the cannons were turned , Altunia , with his vast army appeared at the battlefield and gave a war cry , seeing this , Yakut too gave a war cry and Meer was attacked from two directions. Having no other way left , Meer too gave a war cry and split his army into two , one part of which sped towards Altunia’s troops while the other towards that of Razia’s. Razia took out her sword and sped towards Zafar’s army , she had , as always Yakut by her side. This time , she was determined to stain her sword with Meer Zafar’s blood. Razia was making her way towards towards Meer while dealing with his army when Meer shot an arrow at her , but Razia caught it in midair just when it was inches away from her forehead , throwing away the arrow , she took out her spear and shot it at Meer , her action was so fast and her aim , so exact , that it pierced trough his chest and Meer’s lifeless body fell from his elephant. Seeing their King dead , a mess was created among Zafar’s army , they were running away from the battlefield , Razia smiled at her victory , Yakut held Dilli Sultanate’s flag high signifying their victory. Altunia’s eyes were searching for Razia . After all , his eyes hadn’t seen even a strand of his ladylove’s hair since five years. Just then his eyes caught Razia’s sight , his eyes moistened with tears , tears of joy , he felt as if somebody had spelled life back into him.

Razia , along with Yakut and Altunia followed by their troops reached the Deccan Fort , Razia , reached at the roof of the fort , where , Deccan’s flag was , she took out the flag from it’s holder and burned it , before throwing it off the height , then she put back Dilli Sultanate’s flag on the fort. The army cheered for her , seeing this Altunia and Yakut smiled “ Dilli Sultanate was one , is one and shall remain one! I want to see only the flag of Dilli Sultanate all over Hindustan , so that we all remain united!” Razia addressed her troops with a thunderous voice from the top of the fort and the troops cheered for her. Razia got down from the fort and was approaching towards her troop when a handful of Meer’s men , led by Meer’s Minister (Chief) attacked her and and her troops , there was again a mess created , Razia was handling a few of them , when she saw one of them attacking Yakut , seeing this , she lost her focus and turned to go towards Yakut to rescue him , seeking this as an opportunity , one of Meer’s men prepared to attack her from behind , as Razia threw a dagger on the man attacking Yakut , the man behind her , threw three daggers together at her. Altunia , who had already realised what was going to happen , rushed towards her rescue and just in time , jumped batween the three daggers and Razia , as those three daggers hit his chest , stomach and shoulder , he cried in pain , hearing the cry , Razia turned back. Her face turned pale as she saw Altunia falling on his knees with his eyes , gazing blankly at her and the next moment , he laid unconscious on the ground. A lone tear escaped one of her eyes as she saw the sight , her feet began to tremble. Her eyes then looked up at the attacker and the next moment , the attacker laid dead as Razia’s dagger pierced through his skin.

Precap – Fatimah comes to know that Rana Bhanu and Rani Anujabai had gone to Ghazni , she further comes to know that the Subadaar of Ghazni is none other than Nasir.
Altunia is rushed to the Healer’s tent , where , the healer says that it’s difficult to save him.

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