Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 22 )


Chapter 22 – The Treaty Of Two Rajputs !

Royal Palace , Umerkot-

Prince Adiraj and Rana Jaswant waited patiently with the royal family as the royal palanquin was laid on the ground , while Rana Bhanu jumped from his horse with a smile , the curtains were pushed away revealing the most elegant beautiful princess of the Rajputana community , princess Rajshree ,Fatimah that was her real name known by only a few people. As Fatimah made her way towards the royal family , behind her father,her eyes downwards. Adiraj and his family welcomed he two. “ I hope the journey had been a pleasant one for both of you.” Rana Jaswant asked pleasantly “Of course it was. Ranaji , as you know why are we here , before we continue , I mean proceed further , my daughter , Rajshree wants to have a word with Adiraj . In privacy.” Rana Bhanu said with a serious note in his voice , Adiraj and Jaswant nodded and frowned , but then nodded , “Let me lead you to the royal garden , come.” Adiraj said , gesturing towards the path that led to the royal garden , Fatimah nodded and then followed Adiraj as he led the way.

The way towards the garden was silent , too silent for anyone’s comfort , it had been a quiet awkward and eventful day for Fatimah since morning , Nasir did not come for breakfast , in fact she did not see him the whole day ,as if he never left his chamber. Fatimah sighed lightly remembering the previous events and now , she had made her decision , yet she was nervous. She bit her lower lips in nervousness. Sucking in a breath , she decided to begin as she realised that they have reached the royal garden “Rajshree Bai . So , have you made your decision finally?” Adiraj asked nervously , Fatimah parted her mouth to say something but Adiraj continued , not letting her say anything “ Look Rajshree , no one is forcing you into this marriage , the decision will be solely yours , I promise , I will take care about Pitaji.” he said in a determined tone “ Kunwar Adiraj , you are truly a Rajput , who respects and care towards a woman’s emotions , I thus feel very much comfortable to share what my heart has in it all. Kunwar sa , you know that this marriage is more a political tie than a new beginning of a new phase two individuals’ life.

This marriage is important , may be for both the families , thus , I do not want to keep anything hidden from you. I don not feel the way you do for me Kunwar Sa , and if you ask me the reason , then the reason is…Sultan Naseerudin , the Sultan of Ghazni , the most prosperous and powerful State of Dilli Sultanate. He …he is the man who owns my heart and soul. I am sorry , but I will never be able to love you . I am sorry!” she finally managed to confess the truth , bitter yet sweet reality of her life , she expected Adiraj to cancel the treaty , the marriage , raise finger on her , but to her surprise , nothing of the sort happened , instead , a soothing smile spread on hi face “I am not like Pitaji. I would not betray the Rajput Community by put my hands forward to the Afgans. Heer’s marriage with Rajdeep shall happen and that too without any compromise . I understand Rajshree Bai , come , let us tell the family our decision and the truth , you must head back to Ajabgarh as soon as possible , may be Sultan Nasirudeen is waiting for you.” Adiraj offered his hand to Fatimah , which Fatimah gladly accepted , a smile of relief played on her beautiful face.

By the time Adiraj and Fatimah reached the main hall of the palace , where Rana Bhanu and Rana Jaswant with his family were present , it seemed to them that Rana Bhanu had already confessed the truth to Rana Jaswant . The atmosphere seemed tensed , Adiraj and Fatimah entered the hall, Jaswant welcomed them “We have made up our mind pitashree . A relation that lacks love and trust shall never bloom. Rajshree’s heart is owned by someone else. I request the two of you to cancel the wedding. Rajshree Bai shall be with the one she loves.” Adiraj said , joining his hands to Rana Jaswant “Then , I guess , Heer shall also not be given to the Ajabgarh Dynasty.” Jaswant declared coldly , Rana Bhanu was left with no other choice but to confront Rana Jaswant “Joining hands with the Afgans is an action expected from a traitor , Rana Ji!” Rana Bhanu said in a cold tone , Rana Jaswant glared at him instead. “Heer is not getting married to Kunwar Rajdeep . That is it.” Jaswant said in a low , determined tone , suppressing his anger “It is you who need the marriage not us . Instead of putting forward such a proposal , I could have directly informed Sultan Nasirudin or Sultan Razia , but instead , I decided to put forward this proposal , only to not let you and your family’s head down out of shame , only to maintain peace between the two kingdoms.

Jaswant , you know how much we care for and respect our women , but still you are doubtful. Well , we do have another option and that is an urgent letter to Dilli but you do not. Think again Jaswant , you need this tie more than anyone else.” Rana Bhanu stated as a smirk played on his face , while Jaswant greeted his teeth out of helplessness and anger , he knew that Rana Bhanu was right. Taking a deep breath , he declared “The marriage shall take place after we seek consultation from our royal priest.” Rana Bhanu smiled victoriously , while Fatimah and Adiraj sighed in relief. Finally , her path seemed to be clear , she could hardly wait to meet Nasir again , her Nasir , to tell him that he has been forgiven and to finally confess her feelings to him , something she had kept locked in her heart for too long.

Royal Palace , Dilli-
Razia was greeted by the guards with proper salaams as she made her way towards the practice area , a typical practice zone it was , enclosed within four walls , especially for sword fighting skills. Entering the area , she found many warriors already present there , Yakut and Mouizudeen was one of them , they were practicing hard , but when they saw her entering , everybody bowed to her in respect , except Moizudeen , thankfully to Razia , she did not take it as an offense and shrugged it off. There laid a comfortable couch too , where one could rest , it was mostly used by the Sultan and hence unofficially belonged to her solely. Dressed as a warrior princess without an armor , she still managed to look breathtaking , sans jewelery , sans any beauty enhancing element , but in a simple nose-ring and a pair of tiny jhumkas . She took out her favorite sword from the swords’ corner and made her way towards the practice area , the royal dagger that belonged to her father was fitted perfectly on her torso , she never left the dagger , it kept her close to her father , Iltimush.

As she took her sword and swung it around, her body deftly and then made a perfect posture , that radiated skills and years of practice till perfection , that was what she had achieved. Yakut smiled seeing her and then resumed to his practice while Moizudeen raised and eyebrow . But aware , yet pretending to be unaware of those gazes and actions , Razia continued to practice , but her mind was still occupied by the thoughts of a man , her soul mate – Malik Altunia . Unknowingly , a smile curved on her beautiful face “What made my dear sister smile ? May I have the honor to know the reason ?” Maoizudeen asked sarcastically , then after a short pause and a smirk , he continued “Or I should say , ‘who’s’ thought. “ Razia choose to ignore the question this time and continued to practice.

But Moizudeen did not stop there , he directly went to the point “Malik Altunia , that is his name if I am not wrong.” everybody stiffened as Moizudeen took Altunia’s name openly and the relation the Sultan share with him , they starred at Razia , expecting a reaction, but to everybody’s surprise , instead of reacting , Razia , drew back her sword and made her way towards the couch , there she sat comfortably , but Moizudeen was desperate for a reaction , he wanted her to react “Don’t you have anything to speak about it?” he asked “What do you expect me to say? The whole sultanate is already aware , love is not a sin , is it?” she said calmly with a smirk “Atleast have some shame Razia , there are norms.” Maoizudeen stated in a firm tone “Norms?” with that question , she threw her head back and laughed her heart out , the otherwise silent place echoed with her laughter “Norms are meant to be broken Bhaijaan. Stop acting like a old man ?” she questioned playfully .

At this , Maoizudeen made a face , seeing this , Razia broke into another fit of laughter , this time it was a humorless laugh , she did it purposely , just to shut him up “See..see his face Yakut.” she managed to say between her laughter pointing towards him “I am just acting the way I am supposed to , but you are not acting the way you should. The Sultan of Dilli , will marry a former slave ?” he threw the question , at which Razia stopped laughing , Moizudeen smirked victoriously. Razia raised from the couch , putting her hands behind her back , she said in a calm , yet cold tone “Mind your words Bhaijaan , you are well aware of whom you are talking of.” , she turned to move away , when Moizudeen opened his mouth again “Come on , Razia , think of it , the royal Sultan of Dilli , ruling the sultanate with a filthy slave ! I…” but before he could complete , a dagger was shot , inches away from him , as a reflex , he immediately tuned , only to see the dagger dug into a pillar deeply , and Razia recovering from her posture while throwing the dagger , straightening herself “You missed your aim.” Moizudeen said , in utter annoyance and anger , gritting his teeth “No , I did not.

This time , our relation saved you Bhaijaan , but the next time ,my aim would hit the place my dagger wants to hit.” she said , a lethal , cold and low voice . ,She marched towards her dagger , pulled it out , turned and left , laving behind a bunch of startled warriors and a fuming Moizudeen.
She could never tolerate Altunia’s insult.

Royal Palace , Ajabgarh-

Fatimah marched into the palace of Ajabgarh , her home . She could not wait to confess her feelings to Nasir , there , she found , her mother and brothers waiting for them at the palace entrance “Ma , Bhaijaan.” their names escaped her lips as she hugged them warmly , yet , her eyes searched for Nasir , her eyes’ actions did not go unnoticed by her mother , who nervously looked at Rajdeep standing by her side “Searching for Nasir ?” Anuja asked “Yes Ma , where is he? Everything happened accordingly Ma , now , I want to confess to him that how much I love him , I want to say that he is forgiven.” she said slyly , lowering her gaze “Anuja nervously looked at her , keeping her hand on her shoulder , she finally said “ My child , Nasir left . He left this morning only , after you both left.” her words hit Fatimah like thunderbolt . He left , without informing her , he left , without even turning back for once. He left again.
Finally , so sorry for making you guys wait for long.

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